Gloryhole couples


   I was recently reading that our local Adult Bookstore is gaining in popularity with  couples.  There is an aspect of the anonymous cock that appeals to me, however I am ever the safe sort and know that using condoms through a glory hole defeats the purpose for some, even for blow jobs, but not me. I firmly believe you can still enjoy the dirty sexual acts and balance safety; you just need some imagination and find a way to make safe sex fun. It is possible!

I have put in a request with my husband for my own private peep show/glory hole box in our home and the idea is exciting. I think it would also set his mind at ease with his rightful concerns over safety. As of late all over the United States Adult Bookstore and Adult Theatres are undergoing legal municipal changes, being closed and even raided.

I have my own theories on why this is happening, mostly having to do with an underlining puritanical social reaction to sex in general but one that co-insides with gay communities. However for now I live in hope of being able to witness other active couples with my own eyes.



5 comments on “Gloryhole couples

  1. mrguypants says:

    The at-home gloryhole sounds awesome!

  2. kdaddy23 says:

    Hey, Pyx, did you ever get around to blogging your theories that implicates gay communities a reason why adult bookstores are being shut down?

    • thepyx says:

      Oh thank you for bringing this up actually have an entry on deck but there have been new local developments and I need to add them to the blog – have it for you tomorrow?!

      can’t wait to hear what you think,

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