Cheating and knowing it

My friend recently told me he has been stepping out on his wife. My moral compass isn’t as straight as some so it is not big surprise that I wasn’t upset with the right and wrong of it, they aren’t my vows, but instead uneasy that he told me. Yes my own personal opinions on marriage and the values of keeping a lover might also have something to do with it, but I am dealing with two monogamous people, and he is monogamous even though he is cheating.

Since he told me I have kept my distance from the whole family. I have a good poker face, I would never let slip the insider information, but I also know that eventually all things get found out and I am not looking forward to seeing her pissed off – and she will be pissed off.  She’s a lawyer that I wouldn’t want on my bad side, and I wonder if he realizes she is the sort that would make his life miserable just because she can.

Some people take it upon themselves to ‘tell’ their friend when they feel strongly about life altering situations. Me? I learned my lesson long ago and it only took once: some people do in fact kill the messenger. A woman in that situation has options, and if she took her man back, where would that leave you?



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