And out of the blue…

As my husband and I are sitting there talking about the dog, he grabs me by the hand and leads me to the bedroom.

Of course I assumed he was going to pull back the curtains to show me dog that I was speaking of.

Instead he bends me over the end of the bed, pulls down my dirty wet panties and starts to finger me.

A bit confused I had to ask if I was being ‘punished’ for something.

No I just need something to make it through this shift he says.

He proceeded with a nice deep slow fucking, my panties down by my ankles and my sundress pull up around my neck as he molested me from behind.

Now this is rare. My husband works long 12 hour shifts for four days in a row. We have only ever had sex before work twice in our time together.

With his cum running down the inside of my leg I couldn’t help but think – tell me this man doesn’t know me on some other level.

Still throbbing but all smiley and light headed now.

Being taken is a wonderful thing.

2 comments on “And out of the blue…

  1. Spontaneous sex is often the best kind.

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