Friday is the night for…

So my date had to cancel tonight. The really important thing about keeping a lover around, as a married woman, is to NOT take it out on your husband. It is not his fault stunt cock can’t make it over and it is not his fault that I will be watching all the alien movies alone tonight. Secondly it is not stunt cocks fault either. I would be tickled if he canceled because someone available came along, and in all honesty he doesn’t owe me an explanation at all. From me he gets a smile and a thank you and open end to make future plans because that is a part of the deal: a bonus to fucking married men is they can’t make demands and you don’t have to do their laundry. Single guys are single and should still be looking out for someone they can be with long term. I love the arrangement of two people who can work something out sexually and get along. You always know where each other stands and there are no hurt feelings when done right.

Sure my panties were dripping wet at the idea of cock coming over, video and he’s a good guy that always brings me over some beer, aww how sweet! Not to mention he gives great head but being without sex one more night is not the end of the world. There is a need to balance desire and reality, sure I could post something on CL right now but I would not be doing it to find my long term lover. Is a one night stand that important? Would I be compromising quality for quantity? Clean water and air are important, hell election reform in the USA is important but sex is up there right after food for me. I need those things to survive but I want sex because I like it! I won’t die if I don’t get it and I am not going to mess with my good deal to have it tonight.

I like myself enough that I can be alone with myself.

So why not just throw on Caligula, bathe myself in wine and pull out a toy and get myself off? Well I have never been one for masturbation just like a one woman toga party would be kind of lame. There are a million of lonely people out there and if we cannot manage to negotiate a deal for sex then this world is in a shit load of trouble. Masturbation is normal, people do it, it’s healthy but I got my first dildo AFTER I got married … hence the whole finding a fuckable friend. It’s all ho-hum for me so why force it?

I can tell you this, denying myself sexual gratification makes that throbbing between my legs all the more pleasurable and I tend to orgasm while walking or doing dishes,  they make me blush and sort of drive my lust for the next time I do get to have sex and when I do have sex it is fulfilling. Saturday night it will be with my husband and he is the best lover I could ever want and that just adds to my moist throbbing pussy syndrome. Say that five times fast.



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