Be very still…

There was no need to be quiet they had both gotten used to him working such late hours. He made his way up to their bedroom after another night shift, taking off his shirt as he walked through the doorway. There she was on her stomach, her left foot over the side of the bed, her hair splayed all over the pillow and her face pressed into the mattress. How could she sleep like that? he thought as a pang of loneliness hit him and he turned off the hallway light. He missed her, he missed being with her in daylight, when they are both awake. For the past five weeks they have only seen each other in passing, mostly post it notes left on the counter or fridge: meat loaf for dinner, pay this bill, so and so called with x’s and o’s. Always x’s and o’s. When was the last time…

He didn’t need to look down at his own crotch to know that he had a hard on but the shitty part was treating the hard on like an inconvenience. He thought sympathetically to his cock ’yeah I know little guy it sucks’ He was tired of jerking off in the shower, he was tired of letting perfectly good wood go to waste but worst of all his balls were sore. He looked over at the bed where his girlfriend’s body remained still and let his pants fall to the ground, the belt buckle making a metal sound as it hit the carpet . He casually stepped over the discarded clothing but kept his distance from the bed, his cock felt great being free in the cool night air and he slowly began to stroke himself.

There was only a bit of light coming from the LED alarm clock, the room dark like a tomb while he worked nights but faintly his mind allowed him to make out the shape of her body, or was it memory? Her round soft ass, oh he remembers being buried deep in her ass, between those thighs and the thin layer of sweat that used to cover his body after spending so much time there… he moved closer to the bed. He could smell her shampoo from where he stood and he pulled on his cock a bit harder.

He carefully moved up on to the bed and pulled back the blankets, barely able to see, his hands and general awareness were capable to make out where everything was – her left knee was bent there, her arm folded under the pillow there and all of a sudden in the pitch black his cock brushed up against her thigh and he froze, not because he was afraid to wake her up, but rather to hold off from cumming all over his girlfriend. He had every intention of finishing himself off and getting some sleep but he was more awake than he was three hours ago. It wasn’t the 2 am coffee that had him alert it was the body next to him. Instead of taking his normal spot beside her on the bed he put his knee between her legs and pulled back the rest of the covers.

He felt his cock jerk as if it were on a string just knowing she was laying there so still, he couldn’t believe he had gotten this close without waking her up. He placed his arms ever so carefully on either side of her torso and allowed most of upper body weight to rest in his fists as they folded into the soft mattress. He lowered his head listening for her breathing but her face was still in the mattress, she grinds her teeth and snores but tonight she was so very still.

His cock jerked again as it hit flesh but this time he let his hip push forward till he felt warmth at its tip. He kept expecting to be interrupted or pushed off but there was no movement – she had never been this compliant in all the years he has known her and he kind of liked it. He closed his eyes and let the memory of actual sex play out, the sound of fucking, the smell the feeling and slowly he began to move his cock back and forth again. He wasn’t sure where he was, his cock simply between her inner thighs, that part of the body where her bottom meets her leg, hell he could be just toying with the crack of her ass but it didn’t much matter, he was more than happy to just feel flesh against his own.

The build up was hard to handle and soon his elbows shook and he knew he was about to finish when his cock slipped in to the skin folds a bit more than he expected and he no longer had a choice but to take a deep breath and let himself cum. Five weeks worth of hot sticky wet…

What the fuck are you doing?! Did you just… though sleepy she did not sound pleased.

Oh, I’m so sorry baby, I thought you were dead.

4 comments on “Be very still…

  1. Fucking loved it. Sometimes when my wife is laying there asleep I’ll lube up and fuck her slowly until she wakes. If she’s really tired and I’m touching her while she falls asleep I can slip it in and cum all while not waking her up. There is something about taking advantage of her in this way that really turns me on. Knowing her pussy is full of my cum and she never knew it happened. When she’s drunk and passed out is the best, I can take her several times without her ever even knowing. That is until she gets up in the morning and finds my load running out of her and down her legs.

    • Pyx says:

      HA! Glad you liked it. I have a few good memories of waking up to fingers buried in my crotch or a hard cock between my ass cheeks. I would fully encourage my man to take me while past out, I am just not sure if waking up would ruin the fantasy.. LOL but I certainly drink enough wine sometimes to be subject to such an unconscious molesting.

      I wonder how many guys have this fantasy as well… hummm….

      • blogermall says:

        I just discovered your blog and I’m loving it! I don’t know how many guys have this fantasy, but I used to. Now that my DW and I practice D/s it is no longer a fantasy, I fuck her whenever and wherever I want, including the middle of the night while she is fast asleep. My goal is to be inside her before she wakes up, I’ve never finished without waking her and that’s fine. I love the “What the…? Oh. I’m being fucked,” moment when she wakes.

      • Pyx says:

        That moment of confusion gives in to acceptance/agreement is good from out end of things as well.

        gotta love a woman that is ready to go anytime- even unconscious!

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