And on the third day, it was still raining.



Lie Detector Machine for sale on CL.

I am by no means complaining I will take a rainy day anytime; rain after all is my biggest turn on. This means I have been able to sit still for a while, catch up on my international news, reports, read some blogs and other online entertainment. That means I spent some time this morning reading the craigslist personals: only one of many places to potentially meet a lover.

I am not looking for anything in particular, I sometimes get in the mood to peek into other people’s homes via the crap they try to sell – who would take the time to post an image let alone an ad for a used burnt spatula and try to sell it for 3.00 I have no idea – but I am very entertained by the ads people write in the personal section. I like the funny creative ones, today I was tickled to see a young man use an Army of Darkness reference by calling his cock his ‘boom stick’ but not tickled enough to write him.

I have worked with Kink for so long that fetishes no longer surprise me. There is a good chance that somewhere in the world is a man who cannot be sexually satisfied without having a rutabaga between his teeth, so when it comes to sex I rarely blink anymore. However my biggest issues have always been that I never mixed my B.D.S.M. experiences with actual penetrating sex. Sure it is sexual but I never fucked anything I beat. For a while now I have been thinking of changing that and it is not as easy as you would think.

I responded to two ads this morning.

The first one was a 21 year old virgin, and only the devil knows why I wrote the boy. Maybe it was his pretty pink perfect penis – uncut to boot! But the idea of being someone’s first experience has always filled me with a bit of trepidation. I do not want to be anyone’s bad experience, ever, and I am not always the best with sexual disappointment: I will pat a guy on the back and tell him ‘good try’ leaving them in tears while I shower. I don’t do it on purpose but you have to understand what it is like for me, ready and willing to fuck for a while longer and the cock in the room just can’t keep up … sigh. Sometimes I feel as though I could take on the whole IU football team.

Currently I am on my cycle which is too much information I know but something strange happened two nights ago, I was watching porn and just sitting here I got off. Having and orgasm just sitting here watching porn never happens nor does my desire to fuck during my cycle – so something is up and that might have also played a part in my willingness to email the Virgin. As a second thought I considered my

B.D.S.M experience and mixing it with sex, he is new at something and I would be too but I am best taking charge and being the teacher. He has written me back already and dare I say he is not a complete twat – yet.

The second email I sent was to an older single gentleman that managed to write an ad well enough to get his point across succinctly and without being vulgar nor did he use any of the following words: quiver, caress, soul, scent, love, or tenderness. Not sure why but that  deep romantic poetry type writing some guys use on CL makes me feel like an old uncle is tapping his knee asking me to ‘come sit here little girl’ it just feels wrong.

He wrote that he had an oral fetish, giving not necessarily receiving, and again the idea of having someone service me isn’t all that bad – it is however a lot of work. I am not short on imagination do not get me wrong, and my preparation ritual is in itself a turn on but once again I would have to be honest enough and ask myself how much work am I willing to put in for someone else’s desires and potentially over look some of my own. I am not going to talk someone out of their fetish or into something they do not want to do but I am certainly experienced to know that he is using the word FETISH as something he likes to do, and not an actual fetish and I am reading it literally.

Oh look! He wrote me back already as I write my entry: and yes indeed oral is what he likes best but he would like more and he is Poly aware. I am fine with that actually – and this might turn out to be less kink involved than I first imagined.









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