Gearheads and Sex machines

Moi: hey I found a guy on CL that makes sex machines too! Look, he put up some pictures.

My husband: Humm. Yeah. Yup, yup.

Moi: I wonder what he used for that one.

MH: I love you.

Moi: I love you too.

MH: Cheating on me riding another man’s machine.

Moi: What?! You would consider me, riding another man’s machine, cheating? You – who are okay with other men fucking your wife, but another man’s machine would be cheating?!?

MH: yeah. It’s one of those I cannot explain it things but my feelings would be hurt.

Moi: Wow. Okay. I would never have guessed. What if we just issued him a machine challenge: his best machine and rider against our best machine and rider. I mean someone else is actually making them, not from a kit!

MH: now THAT I can manage. You just have to get stupid about machines.

Moi: strange little man, but one of many reasons why I do love you. I wont ride another man’s machine. Ever.

MH: thank you.

7 comments on “Gearheads and Sex machines

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    A few years ago, the wife and I went to a swinger’s party where the hostess proudly showed us the Symbian her hubby bought for her – and she was eager to demonstrate it. She attached a pretty good-sized dildo, slipped a condom over it, climbed aboard, and started it on the lowest setting; thirty seconds and ten orgasms later (I counted them), she had to be helped off the machine.

    The women present were drooling; the few guys present, well, you could feel ‘something’ in the air around us, something that I gave voice to by saying, “And we’re supposed to compete with THAT?”

    The men nodded since I said what we all were thinking; the women – including my wife – just laughed… for a long time, too.

    • Pyx says:

      HA! I always hand the controls over to the guys, and remind them the machine will not ever replace a good man, it’s nothing more than a bigger and more powerful vibrator.

      They do break the ice though at parties and such dont they? I mean they can really get everyone in a mood and playful – I have male attachments for a couple of machines here, and my one friend loves to ride his (male piece is a silicone masturbation sleeve the penish goes in and not a bum thing)

      I think you either get the machine thing or you dont but we manage to have fun around here!

      • kdaddy23 says:

        As I remember it, once the Symbian was introduced, quite a few ladies spent quite a bit of time on it, got trashed, got cleaned up, and went home, unable to participate. Some men took their ladies and left… because the girls were eager to ride the lightning.

        I thought it was funny.

  2. Pyx says:

    Oh yes that is funny! I like watching girls react to how much they enjoy the machine and realize people are watching then within a flash they dont care who is watching its back to enjoying the machine.

    I have some personal opinions on that particular machine design and when you say ‘they got trashed’ and some unable to participate – I think its the rotating cock piece. Nothing in nature rotates in a circular motion inside the female vagina, and I have seen girls only able to ride for a few minutes, get off in pain and or bleeding … yeah, having that powerful thing running circles around my cervix doesnt sound fun.

    Mine just vibrates, variable speeds, and that longer piece is inside up against the mythical Gspot LOL

    but I also know a lot of girls that love their Symbians, its nice to have options.

  3. The Hook says:

    Ain’t love grand?

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