It is once again Halloween

What costume?

Tis the season to be out and hear gaggles of girls giggling at the sex shop or second hand store as they contemplate their costume. It is a very serious decision for a lot of women to make: how do I ensure I look better than my friends, expose some of my ‘wild side’, not wear what everyone else is wearing and be sexy.

Being sexy. Hah. I never much understood why a woman would only be a slutty nurse one night of the year, but I know we humans will take any excuse we can to justify being ‘someone’ else for a night. Does the costume liberate them? Do they behave less responsibly and modify their actions and willingness to take risks because it’s Halloween? Does the slutty kitten costume leave one open for more attention than the nun costume?

Should it not then be Halloween all the time?! Yes I say, yes! Of course I have seen girls who throughout the year pretty much dress up and become someone else on weekends… the reality being that sexy French maid costume is rarely seen again AFTER Halloween passes. Dressing up for sex can sometimes feel silly, and hard to ensure everyone involved is in the same playful mood but I will admit I am not baking bread today in a corset either.

My husband wishes to attend a local burlesque show and though it is a Halloween theme and today I prepare to make myself a potential outfit – no I do not ‘dress up’ for Halloween, it is just one night out of many I get to show off in public how I am in private and can put together a killer outfit.

I am feeling: fur, horns, corset and something with a bustle.

I look forward to the slutty kitty blog images… hehehee.

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