It is now just a matter of when.


I chatted with PC on AFF right before I took my leave of the site for good. We chatted for some time and naturally some people fall into the ‘chat friends only’ category after some time. Though I make a point of being friendly, without ulterior motives, I invited him down if and when I thought he might want something to do. One night he took me up on my offer and arrived for a movie premier at my local drive-in. We were like old friends, laughed, talked and shared stories all the way through 2 movies. We were both well behaved and the night ended friendly and non sexual. We continued to chat.

He messaged me one night about dinner as we both have a love of curry and with great delight I accepted. Our chats are flirty but since our contact had been so long apart, I really accepted PC’s company as friend and relieved us both of pressure that can come with mixing in sex. He is and was a perfect gentleman. When we got back to my place we laughed, talked and watch a show – and I being extremely oblivious to when a man is sending a clear signal that he is interested overlooked hours of his signs. I caught one quickly enough and obliviousness aside my aggressiveness took over.

He is very tall and I had to stand on my toes to kiss him but we managed to make that work. Getting the first sexual encounter out of the way is a great relief and in doing so one has to accept that it might be the only encounter. Though I was impatient I tried my best to take my time when I forced myself to slow down. Kissing so easily moves into pulling and pushing on flesh and I had his pants off within a few minutes.

I sat him down and took my time giving him all of my attention. Every man is different, as is every man’s cock, and I never assume I give great head or that I am exceptional in any way more than other women. I just did what felt right, complimentary and what felt good. I had to keep reminding myself to take my time.

My patience soon gave out and in a rush I positioned myself on all fours on the couch with my ass out and asked him if he didn’t mind fucking me from behind. I do not have any little tricks I do or things I say because being rehearsed always comes off as such – I was simply being me, enjoying myself and him till we were both out of breath and relaxed after a chorus of orgasms.

He stayed till early AM, and met my husband as he came home – PC had previously told me that chatting to my husband put him at ease and it was the only reason he continued to do so. I think they would get along well but that was for another time: If another time ever happens.

So it was with a bit of surprised that on Saturday PC was awfully…. I don’t know the word, vocal? He was telling me how often he thought of that night and the effects it had on him since. He was very descriptive with how much he enjoyed it, and how up until then he had been lamenting the excitement of ‘new’ when it came to sex. I was shocked, I mean that was over a month ago and I had no idea it, or I, made that much of an impact.  I was of course flattered and blushing, and he admittedly was as well. I suppose I forgot that grown men too think of such things in that way and being a married woman perhaps I overlook the ‘romantic’ moments with lovers.

He said ‘it is a matter of when’ we meet again not if and I liked how he put it because there remains no pressure and in that comes patience.


One comment on “It is now just a matter of when.

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    If it shocked you that he was extolling your virtues in the service, then you’re selling yourself short, sweetie. Yep, some of us can be quite romantic; some of us can actually realize how special it is to be able to make love to another man’s wife – and with his knowledge and approval – and to engage in unscripted sex and because both people know, in their bones, it has to happen… and, yeah, it was so profound and, pardon me, so damned good that doing it with you again is a matter of when and not if.

    Hell, if it were me, I’d probably still be shouting to the mountaintops about my experience with you… and simply because I’d feel you needed to know how much you were appreciated in this; all too often, we (men) have these encounters and fail to say anything to her about the experience so don’t be so shocked; NSA sex is all well and good but you give props when they’re deserved – and you clearly deserved major props!

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