some of us…



Take our own pictures. Of course we like to sort of make fun of people who need to take their own picture, in the bathroom, camera in hand – but what else are they going to do? I assume a lot of people are using their smart phones,  granted we feel once we have seen a cock shot we have seen them all, but I like to give them all credit where credit is due – at least they took a picture and posted it!

My husband makes fun of me for being ‘artistic’ with my pictures, though I am not always sure what he means because it is not as though I am doing tricks with ping pong balls or anything. He gets frustrated with women who take 400 pictures and hate every single one – he has a great story of a woman who went about asking all the other girls if her nose really looked like that. She hated every picture, naked or not, because of her nose.

Me? I know I am not the best looking girl around, taking my own pictures was never about that, it was about letting people see that there is a real person behind some of the more artist shots, and try as i might they really do represent me. I do like me. Certainly I have things I prefer to hide, other parts I would like to change but the reality is i am not about to airbrush myself down to a size two.  I don’t know how to use that programme anyhow. The best part is, I enjoy doing it, and my husband gets to come home to a new screen saver.

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