I was so busy I forgot to write


PC came over not that long ago; best make out session since Catholic High School ever! For an hour we kissed and rub up against each other on the couch. When all you have is dry humping as a kid you hate it, but with age a strange thing happens and you try as best as you can to get back to go. His cock was so wonderful even through his jeans I got off a few times.

From there was touching under clothes and all hands – I know it is not just us RC girls, but dammit there is something about a good finger fuck. Some guys treat it like a simple process of insert finger and pull out a bit – repeat – but it’s not. There should be some intent behind it, hips should be encouraged to move and dare I say a bit of verbal communication of what is yet to come helps slick things up. Hot hands under my shirt and the careful removal of pieces of clothing, it was fantastic.

Another two hours or so of making out and fucking in front of the fire made it a perfect night. It’s been a while since I have met my sexual match, not just in stamina but ability and I have to admit I am impressed. It is rare I am this impressed with a man, since I met my husband of course.

I slept most of the following day away, in a wonderful stiff, bruised, chapped lip sort of haze and it was fantastic. He seemed awfully pleased with himself, even with his own set of chapped lips, the multiple orgasms were all him. Of course he has come to mind often since the great make out session and I feel no pressure whatsoever that I need to try and outdo our last encounter.

Becoming intimate with a lover takes time, sure even a one night stand requires some intimacy but I am talking about a full body sort of fascination that comes from wanting someone, again, and in many different ways. Every time I am fortunate enough to be with PC, even when it is just socially watching a movie with my husband and not sexual, I am grateful: he is dealing with the whole ‘friends’ part of the ‘friends with benefits’ well and has admitted that at first he wasn’t sure but now it is great because ‘the conversations’ are just as important as the other stuff.

I generally like him too which makes things easier, I don’t feel a rush to escort him out the door, nor is he a bother to talk with – my husband gets along with him as well, which helps let out a sigh of comfortable relief. I just hope this coming year brings more opportunity to us all in well balanced relationship, including my own marriage.



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