A picture doesn’t always say 1000 words.


Every Christmas I take some pictures and send them off to special friends for the holidays – a one woman USO supporting the troops. It is something my husband encourages/enjoys and in good fun. This year I included a few pictures for PC that were laced with intent and invitation. Unfortunately for him he found the notion that other people could have received the same pictures less meaningful, of which I had to laugh and reflect: sometimes people remain clueless to the little things.

Of course I did not send the pictures I took for him to other people, I did in fact take them with him in mind – and my not being the virtual sort of lover or cam whore the pictures I give out privately are strangely done so with intimacy. Maybe we have become used to the idea that everyone has pictures of their private parts on their pc and give them out freely to just anyone, or should,  so when we receive one with purpose it gets overlooked.

I don’t know him and he doesn’t know me, we will always be in that ‘getting to know you’ way, so it didn’t hurt my feelings in the least that he assumed I had given out the same picture to some guys in Afghanistan but instead I sat back and actually thought of why it was I took them for him in the first place.

I haven’t had anal sex with anyone other than my husband since I got married. Not that I am devaluing cunt, but I do place a special price on my butt. I am not saying my butt is all that great or better than anyone else’s; it’s very much a personal thing in that I am very particular with who gets to fuck my ass. I know that not everyone is into anal so the act of it always remains a specific ‘who’ and not so much a ‘when’.

I am not what you would consider a playful, adoring, submissive type of girl so I do have to make a conscious effort to let men know I like them and enjoy them. My aloof nature can leave lovers and even my husband feeling undesired.  I know I was being playful, since he and I do talk about anal sex – he has confided that not many women are willing to do it with him because of size, and though I do find the size to be intimidating, the fact that so few is a small part of my fascination in wanting to try it with him. He exudes ability in being a good lover and I am curious about a few things: will I be able too? How does a guy like that handle it if a girl can go through with it? What if I want to do it again? Will he give up after one attempt and that in itself has so much potential for fun.

The size issue encourages some preparation and in that a whole other level of enjoyment, anal sex with PC will not simply be a movement in the bedroom, it will have to be carefully planned: and that excites me. He has a way about talking that not only encourages such thoughts but I get wet at the thought of being with him as he does it. I am in a way willing to hand the whole process over to him – so that is also a part of it – not only is there something in a voice coming from behind you that is enticing there are those touches that make one simply give in… its not something you work at it is just something that happens with the right person.

Being a married woman and not single looking for a partner I am reserved with any sort of communication that can be mistaken for something it is not – I do not text him naughty messages, and until this picture I had not sent him any other than some I shared when we first started talking. I want him sexually but single girls are free to be more flattering with their desires than a married woman is – I am not breaking any of my own rules by sending him the picture in fact it was done in a way to encourage him to remember I want him that way and want him to take me in that way.

I like him more than I like most, so he got a picture, sweetly clueless as he was in getting it, I don’t regret sending it. He has an appealing subtle ego, a confidence, as if he is so accustomed to getting pictures of this nature that I find strangely … him. I can imagine him having gotten several if not more graphic pictures from lovers and I smile to myself thinking how tame mine is in comparison but yet the offer is perhaps more than what they were willing to try.

It’s a picture and we see a million of them on the internet however the ones I sent him didn’t say so much as they could have, it was specific. I wrapped my bottom in a bow and want him to unwrap it, enjoy it and use it – the picture should have encouraged him to think of how but regardless, taking the picture and sending it excited me thinking about him fucking me that way.

2 comments on “A picture doesn’t always say 1000 words.

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    Hell, it put the idea in my head the moment I saw it; it’s very suggestive without being crude!

    • Pyx says:

      HA! perfect and thank you that is exactly the sentiment i was going for – without being crude. He seems to have liked his pictures.

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