Strangely it gives me confidence.


SML is an early thirty’s young man, single, has a full time job, house, car and all that stuff but for some reason, against his wishes, he remains single. If I had to describe him, ordinary comes to mind, he is good looking but not so good looking he would stand out in a crow in any way – I often think he might get lost in the shuffle around his ‘better looking’ friends? Most of them seemed to be married, some with kids as well so I am never clear what his dating issue is – though he confessing that dating in a college town can be difficult because he is searching from someone that has graduated and long past the graduate student fling.

New Year’s Eve he was hosting a party, of which he was very kind to invite me, but I declined – however he asked if he stopover in the evening. Certainly, I said, was there anything in particular I should prepare for? You are always to the point, I like that about you, he said and with that I waited till he arrived.

It seems he invited a lot of people, those people invited other people and so on – NYE has gotten expensive and again we look at that age where some people are just no longer into the bar scene or getting shit faced in public. He was nervous and needed a confidence booster.

He enjoys when I take charge and I made the visit rather quick – I allowed him to eat me out, bring me to a few orgasms and denied him sex. For some reason this gives me confidence with other women, he said. And on some level I can understand that. I had a friend growing up, a guy, and whenever I went out with him he reported he was hit on with more frequency than when I was not around.

It surely wasn’t done out of pity on my part, I do in fact want him to find a partner that he can be with and if I somehow make him feel ten feet taller than why not! I think regardless of gender we do this – and not out of malice.  I certainly did not feel used, cheap or degraded in anyway, in fact I felt as though I started out my new year on a giving note.


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