Ovulation and sex


Ovulation has nothing to do with love.  Ovulation has to do with my body’s own biological function to reproduce – to fuck. I, a woman, of a particular physical design was made to fuck – nowhere is it written that what I am on a cellular level requires me to be in love or married in order to perform.

Oh we modern women certainly do like to think romantically of the process, genetic mingling of two individuals creating another one out of mutual respect and admiration for one another, forever bonding us all in love. Some women have a ticking biological clock, some feel this urge is because of their partner but  there are some of us that truly feel: this is the one time of the month were I would gladly take on the Notre Dame Football team, fuck them all till they pass out and still ask for more.

What is so pleasurable about this time is for a lot of women is they are actually open to being physical, hormones are being released in the body, they are naturally producing lubrication that is making them feel slick, randy, sexy, horny and wanton. We walk differently, our breasts are heavier and sensations are different under our clothing as nerve endings all over the place are swollen and tender. Even our natural scent changes and is pleasant to behold. Our body temperature rises and we could be in a state of mind to compromise on some emotional choices: out of the blue we will jump you.

I am not sure what forced or controlled ovulation is like for women who are taking or on a form of birth control – speaking as a someone who has never taken birth control – I know some of my friends feel horrible, bloated, cramping, some feel pain and others eat everything in the house and cry during commercials. I sometimes feel these are ‘symptoms’ of trying to control our biological purpose, and certainly worth it in a larger picture sort of view, so in that regard not all women who ovulate get to feel the pleasure I do.

When the body wants one thing and the mind tells you another it can be difficult to balance – I do not ignore it but there is only so much I can do.  Certainly I am not going to just go out and fuck anything that comes along but I certainly feel confident that I could. The two young healthy specimens at the grocery store yesterday, muscular, dark features and covered in oil as they fixed the refrigeration system actually had me thinking of a time when a woman could have her groceries delivered.




2 comments on “Ovulation and sex

  1. Lol 😉 I totally know what you are talking about. And I have randomly fucked guys that I might not otherwise just because it was that time of the month. Then afterwards the poor guys are wondering why I don’t want to see them again. So im trying not to do that but yeah….

    • thepyx says:

      LMAO @ not wanting to see them again.

      It isnt wrong – you know how guys look at you and say ‘what? of course im going to do this, im a guy, its how we are made’ – well guys this is how we are made too.

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