Oh the things that go on in this house…


M called and was coming over for a visit – the plan as always was to ride a machine. My husband makes sex machines, a vibrating bench, and M is a gear head who already owns one of our machines but his house is always full of kids. So I have a private place where couples can unwind, and I like to think of our home as inviting, so it is not out of the ordinary for M to come over while my husband is at work. His wife doesn’t always make it down but being as we are all friends she knows I’m to be trusted. Our relationships go beyond sexual in nature – no we have never fucked each other, but we have all been naked and in the same room or pool together, very casual easy going sort of thing: bbq’s, gardening and hanging out.

After we caught up for a while I got the machine out, plugged it in, and put on a porno like I always do for M when he visits. What was unusual was that he never got on the actual machine this time and instead got naked and started to jerk himself off.

Okay I get it, machine or not the goal is to get off – but you see for gear heads it’s about the machine so was this something entirely different? Hey I am cool enough to be able to handle a guy jerking off next to me on the couch. I like to think he is just that comfortable around me because I am comfortable being around guys. I know you might be thinking ‘you didn’t give the guy a hand?’ and my answer is ‘fucking HELL no’ I did get up, get him some lube and wet wipes for when he was finished.

I know my aloof nature can make people feel uneasy, but he seemed perfectly comfortable doing his own thing as we both commented on the porn, I drank my beer and had a smoke – and when it was all done he got dressed, we hugged goodbye and I went about my evening.

What has me at odds is this is the first time he did not tell his wife he was coming here – once again he puts me in a position of knowing more after the fact and forcing my hand to have a talk with him about it. I mean it should be reasonable right? I don’t mind you coming over and doing what we have always done but I really do not like doing it behind my friends back, your wife, because this will all somehow turn out to be my fault.

You just know what is going to happen.

One comment on “Oh the things that go on in this house…

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    I agree; you can see it coming like a bad accident – hope you have that talk with him sooner rather than later…

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