An overnight pass with PC: a communication in true Pyx form

Dear Sir,

Congratulations!  You’re request has been approved through our Generous Chateau Wife Lending Programme which allows you to enjoy the company of our residential wife Pyx overnight for your own pleasure out of residence. This offer is made to you at no hourly cost as you have been pre-approved and vetted personally by our President to be the recipient of this special benefit.

With a glowing letter of recommendation from the President of GCWLP “He is a good man, I trust him completely” you are encouraged to solidify your evening arrangements with ease.

This letter is to confirm that logical and adult communication has taken place here at the Chateau and both parties are fully aware of the previously discussed tentative plans and all this evening pass may entail so no one is uninformed or being misled. You are responsible and held accountable for general safety, not including acts of god, and we are confident you will return said wife the following day in the same condition she was given to you – though happier and general wear and tear is acceptable. As a part of this arrangement we would like to ensure communication devices are accessible. It is our policy that no attempts at communication will be ignored from either party involved.

At this time we cannot guarantee any fantasy of servitude, sexual acts or conditions of general stubbornness from wife Pyx. Those agreements are to be discussed privately between the both of you, however we can all agree that no images or video will appear online, they are kept for private personal viewing only and that wife Pyx is not to be ass raped by a herd of wild monkeys – we are confident in your abilities to take on any and all negotiation directly with her.

This is a first time offer here at the GCWLP and hope the endeavor proves satisfying for you both.  We look forward to making such limited and special offers again in the future, and will be our pleasure, or at least hers, to serve (not in that way)  you again.

Regards, and Good Luck!

Mrs. Pyx




President and proprietary owner of the GCWLP pussy


2 comments on “An overnight pass with PC: a communication in true Pyx form

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    Where do I sign up?

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