Pyx answers her mail…

Leda and the Swan

Leda and the Swan

Q: Have you ever had sex with an animal?

A: Seriously?! No. It is not my thing. I did have a life sized Grover (The Muppets) stuffed doll that I was a bit too fond of as a child but never an animal. The Kinsey Institute said 8% for men and 3.6%  women have had sexual contact with an animal, and claimed it was 40–50% of those people lived near or on farms, though the study is disputed I think the bigger picture here is that it does happen. The Kinsey Institute is in Indiana. I live in Indiana.  I am not afraid to admit I see ads for this kind of ‘luv’ on CL often.

I have not seen a live zoo show, and I am not sure if I could make it all the way through without feeling for the animal. It took me a year to be able to sit through a video of a woman and her dog: as she calls out the dog’s name ‘Oh rex, yes rex, harder rex, yes rex yes oh oh oh’ her foolish husband tries to remove the pit-bull from his wife and almost loses an arm. So it’s not just about the animal sex as it is about stupid humans in this videa – I wouldn’t get between a dog and his dinner – but other than that one it’s not something I seek out. I have a very sensitive gag reflex that kicks in as my brain registers what’s going on…

This question always comes up online, maybe it is because I am okay talking about kink, it is a huge taboo and in some countries illegal so I can understand the curiosity – and I think it should be discussed, we should be able to talk about stuff, even if it offends,  but not on my blog today though I should still thank you for asking?





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