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Q: As a woman what attracts you to adult theatres or adult bookstores?

A: Honestly I am invasive and obnoxious, so I feel that no place is really off limits to me simply because I am a woman, so where the boys are I will be as well. I am about sex in all its many facets, and would like to try a lot of things, even if only once.

I like watching people fuck, in person, in the same room where I can hear it, touch it and smell it. Nothing is a bigger turn on than a woman enjoying herself, let alone enjoying a group of men. I have an appreciation for anonymous sex, as a woman that has had to work at putting together a group of men to fuck a woman; I can tell you it is no easy task so the adult theatre scene can present a quick route to the end game.

I enjoy sex, I like sex with multiple partners at once – I am not doing it impress anyone, its not a numbers game for me – and the adult theatre allows everyone to get the ‘talk’ out of the way, by not having to have it. Everyone is there for the same reason and then goes home – I don’t have to clean up after anyone. Unlike some other women I am not into being used or abused, even if that is why the guys are there, it is very much about ME having sex with THEM. I am also attracted to the darker side of social norms, a fan of the old tent freak shows, and when I am curious or fearful of something I am sometimes compelled to figure out why.

Thanks for your email and hope this answers your question.

xXx Pyx

14 comments on “Pyx answers her mail…

  1. Okay, now I am curious. WTH is an “adult theatre” and what goes on there?

    • kdaddy23 says:

      It’s a place that shows X-rated movies; also rumored to be a good place to get laid, have a glory hole experience, or to just sit and watch men masturbating or even getting blowjobs as the movie is rolling…

      • I was wondering if it is the same thing as the “booths” they have in a regular adult bookstore. I’ve never seen them but I’ve heard various things, like that gay men go there and have sex. The reason I have a lot of questions is because my ex husband (who I really suspect was gay, for a few different reasons) at one point claimed his “porn addiction” involved going to booths in adult bookstores. He acted like you just put some change in and watch a movie by yourself but from little bits and pieces I hear elsewhere it sounds like a lot more is going on there.

      • thepyx says:

        LMAO@ rumored to be a good place to get laid. Oh where to start with that statement! eeek

      • kdaddy23 says:

        I say rumored because I’ve never gotten laid in such a place. I’ve seen plenty of hand jobs and blow jobs handed out (and have been on the receiving end of those jobs) but laid? Beyond my ken…

    • thepyx says:

      I am Canadian and growing up I had NEVER been in one or heard of one where i lived. I moved to the USA and sex is always a hot button topic. Adult Theatres show adult movies, usually one room for couples and one for gays. Naturally over time touching amongst patrons took place and now it is a full fetish industry. There are women that do tours and post when they are going to be at a particular theatre. If you watch porn Xhamster has some theatre slut wife videos – women with anonymous men for sex and oral. My fascination is the dark dirty corners of sexuality… and these places are dark and dirty! LOL

      Illinois has an adult spa: you can go get a room, beside the theatre, public showers… it is a place for public play. Here is a link if you really want to know… first hand accounts and a better understanding of the taboo and legally of the whole affair in the USA – though he is also international if people post an entry on his blog. It’s a good read, I like it!

    • thepyx says:

      The booths are the adult video stores: where you go in with quarters and watch videos, and yes, there are glory holes in the walls some times and anonymous head happens. I would say the active number of females is low, men on men oral much higher, but not all of them are gay.

      I know, if he sucks cock he is gay right? Not so – 33% of straight men surveyed said that letting another man suck your cock isnt a gay activity. Seriously… I think for some people who dont care what is on the other end are willing to get off anyway they can, and if they aren the ones swallowing…. sex like everything we can justify any way we want. I dont much judge anyone who goes because I think this world is full of very lonely people who are fumbling around in the dark hoping to touch another human being, even if its through a hole in the wall.

      • Yeah, my ex husband showed very little interest in having sex with me throughout our entire marriage, even the wedding night he wouldn’t have sex. That combined with the porn “addiction” he claimed to have that involved going to these booths, along with other things, makes me think he was not actually as faithful during our marriage as he purported.

        As we were divorcing he told me that he had never found me sexually attractive. He said he wanted a woman who was mean to him and more like a dominatrix and that I wasn’t bitchy enough for his tastes (I know, wtf, right?) He also was turned on by the idea of me sleeping with other men (but not him). During our marriage he said he “felt guilty” if we participated in oral sex, for religious reasons so he neither wanted to give or recieve. He also told me masturbation was wrong, despite his “addiction”. That and I found out as we were getting divorced that he had been sexually abused by his gay older brother as a child.

        I don’t know but the more things add up the more likely it seems. He is currently with a woman that is extremely unattractive and she is very jealous but I suspect he is trying to use religion as an excuse not to sleep with her too and maybe getting with men on the side. He would make comments sometimes about certain parks being a “gay” park or whatever and it’s like, how would he even know that? That and he told me before that men are more attractive than women and that’s why women have to wear makeup.

        So anyway there are a lot of “clues” and the adult theater thing fascinates me because he has admitted to having gone there before. I know nothing about it save for little things I hear here and there. I’m really curious as to what he was actually up to all that time. I will have to check out that link.

    • thepyx says:

      Sexuality and religion – something I understand. I grew up Roman Catholic, and is far more common than people are willing to talk about. There is shame involved and of course it is someone’s elses secret so it can be hard to say it out loud.

      Honestly, the reason i have always had a blog about sex (regardless of popularity) is because I dont want any kid out there feeling bad for something they like, want or desire – I dont care if the girl wants to fuck fruit, I can not imagine how alienating that must be for someone… and often we are talking to adults who can’t cope – so how does a young person stand a chance?

      It must have been difficult for you to be married with someone that couldnt communicate those feelings with you – or did so negatively – wow… it just breaks my heart to know people go through this.

  2. kdaddy23 says:

    Well, yeah, I’m American so I can confirmed we’re obsessed with sex while being some of the biggest prudes on the planet… but I digress. To lovergirl, adult bookstores are where people go when there are no X-rated theaters. Yeah, they’re mostly frequented by men so I guess I’m telling on myself when I say that I’ve seen women hang out as well but not that many.

    You can drop a few dollars in the video booths and, yeah, watching porn might not be the only thing going on in there; the first and only time I went into one of those booths – to satisfy my curiosity, mind you – I got hit on by six guys… and I wasn’t even there for that.

    • That’s very interesting. The more I hear the more sure I am that my ex must have been covering up that he was doing things with other men. He said he was “addicted” to going to those booths and according to him they were very bad but I couldn’t really understand what was so bad about it if he was simply watching a porn video by himself. I didn’t have access to the internet and we lived way out in the country (he drove to town to work but I stayed home with the kids) so I didn’t have the means I do now to learn more about it.

      • kdaddy23 says:

        It’s not so unusual for a straight guy to go to a bookstore with booths in the hopes that another guy will want to blow him. The clips they show in the booths are pretty crappy but provide, ah, stimulus to either masturbate or, uh-huh, welcome another guy in to help you. And unless things get rowdy, whoever’s minding the store turns a blind eye to what may be happening in the booths and, yeah, they do know what’s going on other than film clip watching.

        In a way, by telling you that the booths were very bad but he kept going, maybe he ratted on himself – who’s to say? As Pyx correctly said, there are a lot of straight guys who don’t see getting sucked off by another man as being bisexual or gay; to them, it’s just another way to get one’s rocks off. And, no – even though I do suck cock, I’m anything but gay; I’d be insane to limit my sexual pleasures just to men alone!

      • Very interesting. I susect there was a lot more going on than he admitted to though I don’t know how he rationalized it. There had to be. He almost never wanted sex with me, even when we were newly married and I had a high sex drive and a perfect figure and was 20 yrs old and hadn’t had kids yet. He claims it was guilt over his “porn addiction” which very well may have been guilt over homosexual activities because he was from a very religious background.

      • kdaddy23 says:

        Rationalizing it is easy; no offense meant to you at all but if you, say, want dick (and you’re a guy of course), no amount of pussy is going to ever make that desire go away. I’ve had guys tell me their mindset about this: It’s not cheating, God and Jesus has already forgiven me for my sins, no one will ever find out and other easy justifications.

        It is also easier to blame a porn addiction that may or may not exist; if you come from a strict religious background, no matter how much you rationalize and justify it, the guilt behind doing the nasty (in some form) with a guy will tend to haunt most people.

        Besides, at the time, would you have understood it if he had said, “Honey, I love you… but I love dick, too!”

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