Oh let’s be honest, we have put out for less!


Dinner dates, I mean nothing says more about a perspective mate than where and what they like to eat. I have gone to pretty much every type of ‘restaurant’ on the planet, and I am telling you for a girl that likes to have sex on the first date where is a big determining factor. It doesn’t need to a five star famous chef type place but I am not about to take a shot in the ass for a big mac either.

I prefer my date to choose the place to eat – still being newly planted here in the USofA it is a way for me to get to know a different part of town as well. So he chose this lovely, out of the way, steak house. I being a fan of meat was pleased but the salad bar was to kill for, I have never seen such beautiful healthy green stuff since moving here and I could have just grazed on that all night long.

My date instead chose to order me the Kobe steak, still moo’ing please, and can you believe that when I returned to the table after excusing myself there was caviar waiting for me. Well done Sir! The conversation was great, we laughed and shared desert.

I was impressed because my date doesn’t really eat red meat but still he chose to take me to a place where that was all they served. He doesn’t eat salad ‘because snails fuck on it’ so to see him partake was a shock but sexy (that is how good this salad bar was!) he was putting himself through the roughage by choice.

I have to smile to myself as I recall my dear friend setting me up on a blind date – someone she worked with and assumed because I like the silent type that he would be perfect for me. I had just moved to London and didn’t know where anything was in town. This guy showed up to my place in a big old Buick, and we chatted a bit over a drink and then took our leave to a restaurant. The plan was eat and movie and that was fine by me!

After about 36 minutes down a dark dirt road, without street lights, outskirts of town in this Buick that now invokes a feeling I was in a Rape Mobile, I realized I was in trouble. He wasn’t talking much which made things worse. I casually asked him something and he answered the question but it didn’t start a conversation and I decided that instead of dying I needed to at least make an attempt at saving my own ass.

I casually unbuckled my seat belt, trying to muffle it under my coat to not make any noise – I then pretended to scratch my shoulder and unlock the door. I had seen it a million times in movies and I was working up the courage to jump out of a moving car. I could do it. I could do it. Even if I broke a hip, I was going to live!

The car wasn’t going that fast but my adrenaline was pumping and without realizing it I grabbed onto the door handle and pushed it open. I remember thinking how big/heavy these fucking car doors are as the cold wind hit my face and blew my hair around. I couldn’t see the road or where I was about to land but the car slammed to a halt and I soon heard a panicked voice ‘what are you doing?!’ the car was stopped and I got out and said ‘I have no idea where I am and until you tell me what you’re playing at I am not getting back in this car! I will kick your ass’

The poor guy was actually lost! He was trying to find a new industrial subdivision that had a particular restaurant beside a theatre. I scared him so badly, and probably offended him, that he had to sit down on the side of the road with his head between his legs so he didn’t pass out. He took me home, we never did make the movie but I did let him take me out again. We dated for a year…

My date on Saturday of course scored. We came back to my place and he has this wonderful way of saying nasty things to me that gets me behaving badly. I usually run hot and wet but once he starts in on my nipples I am a slithering mess of goo. He has these wonderful hands, strong and thick – and he never hesitates to just take what he wants. I love nothing more than a good finger fuck and after a great date like that I made sure to position myself to give him head while he did: fingers in cunt, cock in mouth and his free hand pinching my nipples. Melt my heart – and first orgasm of the night.

With a generous amount of lube it just got more wet and fingers where inserted into my body, one  here, a couple there, cock in my mouth – and he knew exactly when to start fucking me vigorously. Hey for a chubby married woman I was impressed I am still that flexible and with a few whispers in my ear I was filled and spent. We both showered and had a smoke, naked on the couch.

I thanked him for a lovely evening and he said I was worth it – I joked that it was because he knew I was easy but my husband is still by far the best dinner date I go out with.

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