Territorial Pissings


20090315230351(60)The following day after PC returned me home I was more than eager to be with my husband. Some people will say that being in an open relationship requires the act of ‘making love’ to solidify the bonds… my husband and I do not make love, we fuck.

PC adds to my sex life, which in turn makes me even more sexually aroused – my husband who is working with this arrangement has always been my number one fantasy, and what I do with PC seems to just flow naturally in what I do with my husband so naturally I desire my husband but when I return home there is a need for fucking right away.

Maybe subconsciously I want to know that he forgives me, or isn’t angry? That he still loves me? But truth be told he likes me the way I am, he likes my sexuality and isn’t threatened by it – and I always come home to him. My husband does not think poorly of PC but he is fully aware, knowing PC, that they are both very different men: my husband knows what I need when I need it without my saying a word.

He came into bed and threw back the covers, the cold hit my skin causing goose bumps… he put one hand between my shoulder blades keeping me face down on my belly and he pulled away my clothing. I could feel the warmth of his body but he wasn’t yet against me, instead he was licking and kissing my back. I lifted my bottom into the air as he lightly bit on my butt cheek while forcing his hand between my legs and with two fingers parted my pussy lips.

I always run wet and hot and he knows this, but he waited a moment and kept my lips parted as he licked the back of my legs… in turn my pussy was soaking in seconds. He pushed his finger in with force and began to pull me up, as if he was going to lift me up in the air with just one finger. With his free hand he removed my underpants and pushed open my legs, then added another finger inside my pussy. I love to be finger fucked but my husband is the ultimate pro at this and my knees began to tremble.

I turned my torso over so I could watch him lick his way back up my thigh and when he reached my face he gave me a big long kiss. I pushed him onto his back and brought myself to several orgasms. His body fits with mine like no other has, his parts reach and hit the right parts and he is such a good sport: sometimes he just holds on and does his best.

He pinched my nipples hard, the way I like it when he does and I told him so – and he bit them and let them go. He dug his fingers into my skin so that I could feel it in my muscles, and that had me fucking him harder. With him I like that bit of pain and he does it for me which makes it all the more wonderful.

I came a third time on top of him and he pushed me over onto my back and with the same move stuck his cock right back in my pussy – I put both my ankles up on his shoulders by his ears and he fucked me harder. He has great force behind him when he does this and I started on another orgasm as he shifts my legs open, pushing down on my knees, keeping my legs open wide and he repeatedly slammed himself into me till I was out of breath.

You need to fill up your pussy. Please. Was all I managed to get out all night.

He wrapped his arms behind my knees and with great force my head hit the wall and he came – and I was in a strange way once again marked as his. Sometimes I tell him he has to fuck me before I go out with other guys, how else will they know I’m his, but this was entirely different – he was turned on in his own way knowing I had been with PC and marking his territory once again.

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