The borrowed wife returns home…

095bagPC returned me home to my husband early afternoon and we all had coffee together. It didn’t feel strange to be standing there with them both – PC made a joke to my husband that he was fine, I didn’t break him, and my husband laughed and made a joke himself.

PC stayed for about four hours, and I really liked this – he was not sitting on the couch like a man with a gun to his head, they both talked about work and the things they have in common, we all had coffee, laughed and of course my husband told embarrassing Pyx stories: nothing PC didn’t already know.

For a moment I almost entertained the idea of keeping PC for an extra bit of time after my husband left for work, but that was my greedy nature coming into play. I was happy with what I got, from them both.

I thanked him for a lovely night, the gift he got me, and kissed him goodbye. He looked at me in a way he hadn’t before – I couldn’t put my finger on it but it struck me as odd – I did not dwell on it too much because we were both tired.

My husband asked and made sure I had a good time: which I did.

Husband: That is a pretty nice tactical bag he got you.

Moi: yes, it was really nice of him to get me something for Christmas. I like it.

H: What? I thought you fucked him for it?

M: No! I am not fucking someone for a bag!!! I fucked him for this handy dandy plastic cork screw from the hotel which fits on the front of my tactical bag.

H: That’s my girl.

This is how me and my husband deal, but the second part of dealing is in part about male territory. Being a woman that just had great sex all night with someone, you fucking bet I was ready and wanted more – with my husband. They are two very different men but I am in the middle of a great sandwich – I had unprotected sex with someone other than my husband however, so I was relieved he had to work and that would give me the night to clean myself up. The following night however…

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