The night pass…



The company surely had me inspired but there is something about a lovely revival Inn, white crisp linen and being in a nice room that makes me behave out of the ordinary. Oh I am perfectly respectable in public but looking over at PC lying like a mint on my pillow just had me in a place where I wanted to take full advantage of him: my way.

He kissed me, softly at first as he always does – till I pulled him on top of me as we rolled over to my side of the large bed. He took his place between my thighs and I wrapped my legs around him tighter as he ground his hard cock, still in his pants, into my still clothed crotch. That usually makes me kiss him just a bit harder while I push my hips back up against him and try to pull him in closer though there is nowhere else for him to go.

“The evening is about me” he said as he removed my pants and underpants. He dove right in between my legs, not that I was going to object, as he muttered something about returning the favour but at this point my ears were burning and I was trying to keep myself to hotel volume. I was going to tell him he didn’t have too but fuck it, he was doing such a great job I had already started to come. Then there was a finger and more licking and I pulled the pillow over my head, and my heels were pushing into his back as I came again. Good head isn’t easy to come by … but now it was my turn.

I pulled him back up on top of me and kissed him hard and deep with my taste still in his mouth and with some sort of ninja like move he was on his back and I was pulling off his clothing. I do not consider myself good at giving head, each cock being it’s own entity and a part of an ownership to the man it is attached so – but with his I like to take my time. I started to kiss his knee, up the inside of his thigh, letting my breath and tongue teasing his flesh through the side of his boxers.

“I know why hotels put 8 pillows on the bed. Would you like to sit up a bit more and watch?” I asked him. We arranged the pillows so he had a good view, I like it when he watches me take my time.

I take his cock in my hand and lightly touch it with only my finger tips, starting with the shaft and working my way up to the head – as I watch to see if it remembers me – I circle it softly and then I go back down the shaft. I kiss his cock the same way I kiss him, and I take my time to make sure I do not forget one spot. Starting at the bottom I unleash one long, slow lick upwards and when I get to the top, I make sure to look at him as I twirl over the head of his cock. I let my head fall to one side and close my lips around his shaft and suck all the way back down, slowly till I get to his balls and I let my tongue twirl over them. Repeat to each side… and he is very good with letting me know he is enjoying himself.

As I made my way back up to the head of his cock he took his thumb and middle finger and pinched off a drop of precum and fed it to me, his fingers still tasting like me pressing into my mouth had me return to his cock with a bit more vigor. He is above average in length and girth so I am unable to take him all in but that doesn’t seem to matter – what is fascinating is my gag reflex seems to be repressed, I have not gagged on his cock once.

This is where I misbehaved – his cock in my mouth, the whole night so far perfect I got up and kissed his neck while asking him if he ‘would like me to continue with your cock in my mouth some more or would you like me to just fuck you now?’ “yes” was all he said. I reached down between his legs and stroked him softly in my hand and licked at his neck one more time before he spoke, “I don’t know what you said. I know you asked me something but there was a lick and I sort of…” I broke him off with a kiss. “would you like me to keep doing what I am doing or would you like me to fuck you now” I asked with a bit more volume and again he said “yes”

I sat myself down over his cock and slid my pussy over it a few times, his cock head pushing its way over and against my wet pussy till it hit my clit,  his hands found my hips and this was really the moment either of us could have stopped to get a condom but instead I just looked him there and in two second justified what it was I wanted. I shifted my bottom and with one slick move he was inside me. There is a second to pause just so it registers in my brain what I am doing but I know full well, I had thought of being with him this way before and in fact for me it was sort of my dirty fantasy.

I pulled off my top and he grabbed each breasts which only makes me ride him harder. I can orgasm just from nipple stimulation so I was right there – at which point I grabbed onto the head board and bore down on him harder. I wasn’t after fucking for a length of time, I was after that feeling of his cock getting rock hard, hearing him breathe differently, the room a bit warmer,  followed by feeling him cum inside me… it was perfect. I just kept fucking him that way till I got what I wanted, and I did – warm and explosive which made me come again.

We laid there for a moment and I apologized for being so forward and not asking him first I said “actually all those times I mentioned having dirty little fantasies of my own, that was one of them” he laughed and said “Oh here I thought you had a donkey fantasy” and we laughed.

I got up to get him a warm soapy wash cloth and was amazed at the amount of cum running down the inside of my legs, and that got me all hot and bothered even more. The second time we fucked that night it didn’t come to mind to get some protection – and he admitted that he had almost forgot what sex without one was like. A rarity for us both but I don’t regret it in fact I want more – it was very intimate which I am not usually inclined to do, but he has a lot to do with that.

At some point in the night we drifted off to sleep, his hand in the center of my back, both of us warm and comfortable.








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