Pyx answers her mail


Q: Are all women truly submissive.

A: No. I could argue that no woman is truly submissive; perhaps she prefers it sexually however and I stay clear of using the term TRUE or REAL when it comes to BDSM but for a modern woman to be fully submissive she herself would simply just be whatever her man desired: she would have no way to claim she is, nor would she be entitled to an opinion on the matter, her fantasies and desires would not have anything to do with her state of being. I don’t think she would even be allowed to vote (lol). Slavery is illegal and does happen but I dont see many western women signing up to sold to someone overseas and live that ‘lifestyle’ so you have to be careful there are still those of us, me, who take words and their meaning to be important.

It tickles me that on the internet virtual people can debate if a dominant woman who sucks cock or fucks on all fours is or is not dominant: these are just sexual positions and activities and not how I would define domination.  It is not the clothing she wears or how many whips she has either. We sexually dominant women are considered such not by ourselves or title (that’s fine is you have a Mistress X) but because it is defined in some strange fantasy comparison to men: women who are in control over men as men are over women. She is behaving like a man. I do not compare myself to a male standard especially sexually – its like apples and oranges – I am a woman, I know what I want and like, and I am active in BDSM… its not a gender thing for me.

I usually stay clear of titles myself, because when a woman declares she is submissive and works to find a compatible dominant partner, she is in fact exerting control over the situation which isn’t very submissive at all is it?

Hope that made sense – thanks for the email.



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