Symbiote and Astronaut


I am Alien to him.

 He is equally foreign to me.

 He is from a place in time I had never been,

 neither of us knew where the other came from or how it came to be we were together.

 There is wisdom in both our ages,

A wisdom that the other had never before experienced.

 To some the new is expected, even sought after,

 but the space between our bodies defied earthly reason.

We should not be this close to one another.

Nothing is to be accomplished here without the utmost careful deliberation.

Without such caution, the fears that have plagued me since time began,

I will have no way to experience serenity.

It is not in my programming to love.

We aliens travel freely through time and space,

Secretive, calculated and assured of our importance.

You are a curiosity.

As a host organism he is irresistible, dignified, inspiring,

Sensual and potential harmful to my resolve.

He will surely suffer in many ways for it,

My symbiotic existence here is dependent upon him.

And though my life cycle is light years from complete,

I am unwilling to let go for the length of his.

For my husband, November 10th 2008


One comment on “Symbiote and Astronaut

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    Your hubby is a lucky man to be married to such a passionate woman…

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