The wet spot where I sleep


“I am going to Bedfordshire. Goodnight sweetie, I love you” and with that I gave him a kiss. “I love you too, sleep tight my love” he kissed me back. Not twenty minutes passed when I felt him walking into the room, I looked over and asked if he was okay and he said “I am coming to bed with you”

He pulled back the blankets and at once I felt his body against mine and his hand crawling down into my crotch, I sleep on my stomach, so he was rubbing at my pussy over my underpants from behind.  He rolled me over onto my back and removed my panties first, he pushed his cock up against my pussy right away and said ‘umm that’s my girl, always wet, always ready to fuck, always wanting cock’ and with another push he entered me. “yes, I am” was all I could say… “ I wonder why that is. God that is a nice wet comfortable pussy. You were made to fuck” and he grabbed to handfuls of hair and kissed me.

He put his cock halfway in and held it there. With his hands began to pinch at my nipples, pulling on them, and then biting on one while pinching the other – this always makes me cum all over his cock. “ well look at that, just when I didn’t think you could get more wet…” he was teasing me. I made a move with my hips to start fucking him but he put a stop to that.

He pushed my knees up against my chest then open, knees down on the mattress by my hips and he kept his hands on my knees pushing them into the bed ‘I have been thinking about doing this all day’ he said as he slowly pulled out and then quickly pushed himself back in. “really?” I said, a bit surprised but impatient for a good fucking. “oh yes, I like to watch you all day, anticipating for when you go to bed, having you think I am not going to fuck you” and with that he began to slam into me “ Then I get to come in here and see what I find… this nice wet pussy just waiting for me” and with that my orgasms began.

“Oh whats this?” he knew his talking was getting me off “your pussy just got really hot, does that mean you are ready for me to fill up my pussy?” and I could feel his cock get rock hard. “yes” I said… “yes what?” he said… “yes, please, fill up your pussy,  how else will anyone else know it’s yours” I begged.

He grabbed my right tit in his strong hand and pinched at the nipple between his thumb and middle finger “your tits get nice and heavy, and really warm right before your period” the notion almost made me blush but it was the truth “I didn’t know you could tell” I teased back, his thrusts more shallow and deep. “I can tell by the way you walk and move around the house” and the reality made me cum again – which made him cum hard inside me. And then, as if he had been reading my perverted private mind he pulled his cock out, only leaving the heavy head inside my pussy so all his warm semen was oozy from my body… he shoved himself back in to finish.

4 comments on “The wet spot where I sleep

  1. The Hook says:

    Wow. You’ve made my Monday!
    Thank you.

  2. This is beyond hot, it is almost intoxicating. Wow, where is my husband?

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