I am Easy like Sunday morning

This morning on my walk the song proved true: Mike Patton is a fucking genius, he had grown on me after Mr Bungle and top society punk rock ass hole kids like me who are now approaching 40s or 50s will admit a soft spot for soft rock, including Ritchie long before Sir Patton took up the charge. It was our parents fault you see, and having a job in some customer service setting where they played it all on radio, all shift long…

Everything here seems to be fully aware and appreciative to have their own place, the big yellow porch dog chased off the fox, the hawk is picking off birds at the feeder, the crows are plotting a bigger murder, a mouse steals a few crumbs from the dog food bowl outside, the cats are at war and making love – same thing – and then there is me…

It would almost appear that I do not fit in these surroundings, upright and humming a tune to myself as I walk over the wet grass, but with all the circle of life stuff going on, fucking, hunting, killing and eating – this is exactly where I am supposed to be, this Sunday morning, and I smile to myself and think of how hard I worked to get to easy.


6 comments on “I am Easy like Sunday morning

  1. The Hook says:

    I like your style, my new friend.

    • Pyx says:

      Sir Hook, thank you I am tickled pink – I mean when I stumbled upon your blog – I grew up in Niagara Falls Ontario. I was a Maple Leaf village shit kid – if you are of the age to remember that place.

    • Pyx says:

      I have no idea why I cannot reply to your reply so I am just using this options: No i am not kidding you! My aunt worked at the arcade, Galaga is my bitch, my first kiss in a car was in Elvis’ Pink Cady via the Elvis Museum, and I would spend pretty much anytime I could walking around Lundy’s Lane – I am famous in Chinese home movies you know. LOL

      I could spend hours on the Ferris-wheel and the huge swing carousel they had (might not be the correct term for the ride) but that place was fun… even if we just got to make fun of tourists or American’s

      My grandparents lived in NF – so I spent every summer, long weekend and holiday there with them. My grandmother used to work at Roseburgh’s (spl) … We belonged to the French church Saint Antoine, i went to school there when I was younger but my mother moved when I was aboot five… I did do a year at St Micheal’s… I’ll stop before i get too nostalgic.

      Swiss Fudge eh – I remember a few times watching them make fudge through the window. The odds were indeed small, but glad they worked in my favour and I found your blog.

    • Pyx says:

      Thanks, I love it too – I mean that I got to where I am, grateful I guess is a better to say it, but it wasnt all done to me, I had a part in getting here.

      Hope things are going well with you…

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