Overheard at the Chateau: zombie sex

Zombie Pyx

Zombie Pyx








Moi: What on earth are you doing?!

Him: What? I am just posting these zombie pictures on the zombie message board.

Moi: do I even want to know why?

Him: it will drive the dweebs nuts to know I have a chick that is all naked bathed in blood like a zombie. It’s hot. I love these pictures!

Moi: you know those dweebs are probably 13 years old right?

Him: yeah, unlike them I have actually touched boobies. Zombie boobies at that!

Moi: *sigh* boys… well try and play nice with your virtual friends dear.

Him: no way. I have a driver’s license and a Porsche, envy me mother fuckers.

3 comments on “Overheard at the Chateau: zombie sex

    • Pyx says:

      Oh my husband is a creature all right… we are never without entertainment around here though I am pretty sure we are breaking a billion natural laws by being together in such proximity to one another… wait till you see my zombie armour!

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