Pyx answers her mail


Q: a submissive that will not give head? WTF! I don’t think she is submissive at all.

A: I cut up your rant but the subject is worth mentioning. First of all, before we go out and give ourselves these great titles like Master, Domme, Mistress, Sub, or what have you, we are vulnerable human beings first and everything else is second. I would never force my views onto someone, especially when it comes to their well-being because of a sexual role but I know this seems contrary to someone who is caught up in the hype of the alternative lifestyle. You question her authority over he own body because you feel that you should own it …  Your misgivings seem to prove her wise; you clearly are not capable of being in charge.

Now, we ladies who fuck, regardless of being submissive (BDSM), do not want to die from doing so – it is that simple and I am going to honest here, having an STI or history of infections is a sexual death sentence of it’s own. You do not want to fuck a cankerous whore and we do not want to become cankerous whores. A woman who is aware of her body and sexuality, regardless of role, is not guilty of anything less than loving herself and when this is offered to you, you should feel a sense of pride: including its care. For anyone who takes on the role of being in charge, it is on YOU to know the facts, clearly you have missed them but she seems to be perfectly aware – though it would appear such information coming from the bottom female is against your ‘true dominant’ male role.

Please allow me; it is my pleasure to enlighten you: oral sex without protection and the risks, or, why she won’t suck your dick on the first night and take a shot in the mouth just because you are Sir Spanks Allot or I love to fuck but I don’t want to die from it!

HPV: linked to higher numbers in throat and mouth cancers. Present in oral cavities from mother to child.

Gonorrhea: Transmitted in both directions when preformed on a man. Leads to throat infections that are extremely difficult to treat.

Syphilis: extremely infectious with oral sex.

HIV: can be transmitted during oral sex, especially with the presence of semen and pre ejaculate.

Certainly you could verify that you are free and clear of such things, but that is not what is in questions here, her submission to you is. I know and understand the sensation, the fantasy, the pleasure of getting head means to you – it should be pleasurable for all involved- but just because we ladies won’t do something you want us to doesn’t mean we aren’t worth it. I would question your Dominant abilities before her submissive ones, it is on us ‘tops’ to be creative and push boundaries, even our own so why aren’t you willing to try receiving oral with a condom good Sir?

4 comments on “Pyx answers her mail

  1. The Hook says:

    You continue to impress me, Pyx!
    Great job!

  2. Interesting. I fall under “very submissive” in bed and I love to give head but ONLY when I’m really into someone will I swallow or even enjoy it as much. I have also had Chlamydia in my throat before (you missed that one!) so I know it can happen. Also just because I’m submissive in bed doesn’t mean I want anal (I don’t really). It’s more just a dynamic and I’m certainly not submissive to just anyone. It’s something I give to those I choose and am very selective about. You have to be to give your full trust to someone like that. And heck, I’m really not even into BDSM and I still get referred to as “submissive” by the men I am most into because that’s just how I am on the spectrum.

    • Pyx says:

      Thank you, I did forget Chlamydia – both people being at risk – appreciate that.
      I honestly think there are just some people who spend too much time watching kink porn or playing too many video games and have little to no experience – but it’s common enough that this isnt the first time I have heard a man complain that a submissive woman will not do this or that and it means shes not a ‘true’ or ‘real’ sub. *gag*
      sure! being submissive sexually is not at all defined strictly by a BDSM standard… we know what we want and how we want it right?!

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