He is friendliness, kindness, happiness, sexiness, tenderness, thoughtfulness

Oh my sweet Irish Ness.

Ness was one of the first people I had chatted with on the internet, ICQ to be exact – do they still even have that? – Oh what, ten, maybe fifteen years ago? It feels like much longer doesn’t it, that we two have been going back and forth with each other virtually…

I was still sewing kilts back then, I know he remembers my red tartan bra and panties…

We flirt with each other, in our own made up language – I fantasize about his buttery naan being dipped into my hot rajma and want to watch his tongue lick this plate clean…

He calls me a minx, and I still blush…

I can still manage to make him blush too…

I send him pictures, when I remember, I can be bad at that…

I hopped and skipped continents, as he traveled across borders…

Somehow we always manage to keep in touch – the one good thing about this virtual world is I know where to find him, and he can always find me…

He’s never made me feel anything less than specialness

I know he will read this, yes he is reading – I value his closeness… and I should have said it long before today but you are my loveliNess,

Happy Valentine’s Day

Love your minx,



2 comments on “Ness

    • Pyx says:

      You know, he is really nice… can get so easy to blog about bad stuff or negative stuff… he’s so worth a blog about the goodNESS. hehehe

      he really is sweet too…
      Happy Valentines to you and yours!

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