imagesFor the first time ever since being poly, long before my marriage, I was thinking how I would overcome my sexual experience with PC while with my partner. I have never thought of one man while with another. PC was still so recent…

D, my husband, doesn’t ask for details, he knows how I fuck. I am not that different with him than I am with others, but its also chemistry – body memory and love, together we make up something entirely different. He knows what I physically need without my saying a word.

I did not hide the fact I was happy, the smile on my face was bigger than the one from the week before, and PC is why – but that is the glory of this arrangement, PC is supposed to compliment me, and my marriage.  I woke up invigorated, my hips were still loose from my use two nights before my ego was well fed  – there was no hiding it even if I had wanted too.

D asked how dinner was on Saturday, and if I had a good time, which I answered him honestly: oh fuck yes! “I think I broke my friend though.” I was actually a bit worried still.

“[ redacted ] just don’t know how to handle women. Hell I am still not sure I can handle you. Is he still alive?” he asked.

“Yes he said he made it home.” I laughed.

“Well he will just have to cope” and he kissed me and smacked my ass.

Our Monday together was leisurely, and that night he came to bed with me. He got in close beside me under the covers, and was nibbling on my shoulders… kissing and doing the same down my back. His strong hand reached around me from behind and pinched at my nipple – my body was a bit sore from its previous use but a spark woke everything back up as he pinched my nipple again, but harder.

His hand moved quickly into my underpants and he slipped a finger between my legs and with a move of my hip it was inside me. “see, that’s my girl” he whispered in my ear.

We kissed and pawed at each other for what seemed like a long time. My body once again open to another assault  and just when my mind wandered to PC and that strange orgasm I was reminded why it is I am where I am.

“it’s been a while since I have let someone fuck you while I watched” he threw my legs open and grabbed my clit between his two fingers. “I think tomorrow night I should bring  you down to the Adult Bookstore and let those men paw at you while I fuck  you” and he put two fingers inside me at once.

“well you could have been asking for video all this time” I jokingly breathed.

“no, its not the same is it. Letting them touch you, making you wait for me while they do. I like to join in when the time is right…” his words were getting me off and he knew it.

“I like watching you do it, Messalina. A cock in each hand, and mine buried in your ass but your just keep wanting more and I am the one that can give it to you”

I could not believe my body was actually screaming for more abuse – had it not had enough two nights ago? But D doesn’t just fuck my body, it’s a mental thing at the same time and that always puts me in a place where I feel I could take on the world right in the privacy of my room.

Messalina he calls me. The Roman Empress that took on the whore Scylla – challenged her to an all-night sex competition and won by out fucking the whore: 24hrs and 25 men later.

“you always make me so proud. To watch you work a room of men.” He was challenging me, as if he knew my body betrayed me the other night, knowing I was a bit sore from a good fucking and now wanted to reap the benefit… well deserved.

I pushed him from between my legs and threw him on his back. I wanted to consume him but not via my mouth, it was as though my body wanted to absorb his – whole. He pushed his thumb deep into my hip bone which causes a nerve pinching type pain but drives me to fuck him harder.

My eyes rolled back in my head as the first orgasm took off – it was all downhill from there, one after the other they just kept coming. I just kept coming. When his cock isn’t inside me, its like a piece of the puzzle is missing, but you work on the rest – knowing you will get to it. He just fits, his cock hits all the right places or something and I always want more.

He tossed me onto my back, his cock was rock hard and I knew he was close. His hand wrapped around my throat like a bow…

“do you think you could tell your cock in a room full of others?” he was fucking me really hard, the room filled with that sweaty sound of bodies colliding. I could feel his words before I heard them.

“It’s my cock, I know every inch of it outside of my body as I do inside my body. I could find it blindfolded” I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck waiting for what was coming next.

“I do so love you” I said.

“but I love you more”








3 comments on “Messalina

  1. And then I move on to this gem…holy fuck you two made some sweet dirty love. Such talk drives me wild (as you might have guessed). Now I’m ready for sweet dreams and a fun tomorrow.

  2. Pyx says:

    Do we get to hear about your fun? hehe.

    Yeah my husband can be particularly nasty… the worst part is he means it too.

  3. The Hook says:

    This was a milestone in your blogging career, Pyx.
    Well done – on all fronts!

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