Yeah. Just, wow.


Once he came inside me, it felt as though all the fluids in my body started to race at high velocity. It was a bit uncomfortable really, not as though they could go anywhere but to keep moving faster and faster and faster in my body while creating this burning sensation right under my skin.

I placed my hands on his hips and asked him to not move. I might have even said please, it was a glorious pain and if he moved it would be over. I wanted to just stay mired in it for a moment. Instead he chose to keep fucking me. It was very slow, light even, nothing vigorous or exhaustive but I could feel  his cock getting soft, pushing its way through all that wet…

And then something happened.

It was as if every cell in my body opened up, all at once, and inhaled all the oxygen in the room. I was unable to breathe, make a sound or even really move – I felt like I was crying but had no tears – and my ears began to hum. This force hit me all at once, I remember being grateful I was on my back, but my fingers were numb…

Oh god I hope they are not digging into his ass.

Words will never do it justice, that thing that I felt, but I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind since. What was that? It took me more than a few moments to be able to even move, I didn’t even realize he had gotten off of me and was beside me – smiling that smile.

God he’s cute and look at that mouth I just want to bite it off his face.

I was feeling betrayed by my body, it had this secret all along and never told me… can that happen again?

“I shouldwhat to get well” I mumbled. I was trying to offer him water.

“Are you okay?” he was faking concern right?

“I don’t know. I mean, that was, yeah, just, wow” my brain was still on fire, nerve endings in my body were stinging, and I was actually taken by surprised. I was happy of course, but feeling a bit violated by what had transpired.

Stupid body and it’s orgasms. He better not get a big head over this.

“That was better than having my own cask of Guinness” I said. “No wait, it was better then that. I mean, jesus, that’s never happened before. Even my lips are numb. I cant feel my teeth!” I really wished I could get up and stop myself from even trying to explain.

“Now that is a compliment” he said.

I was so grateful he kissed me silent. I could kiss him for an eternity.

I floated around for a while, I made some coffee and we ate some strawberries. Both of us, sitting there on the couch like dumb teenagers that found mom and dad’s stash then ate everything in the house: shit eating grins.

“Are you okay?” I asked, very light headed and smiling.

“Actually I was hoping you wouldn’t notice. I cant walk” he whispered.

“OMG did I break you? Should I get you some frozen peas for your hip? I am so so sorry. Is it your knees?” I was actually feeling bad.

“Don’t. It’s a good thing” he smiled.

A good thing he cant walk? He must be just saying that to make me feel better. I made him have sex with me for hours, anal, and now he’s broken!

Jeesh Pyx why not just eat him afterwards like a spider. If he ever comes back he’s a fool.

We sat in silence a bit longer, his hand on my leg, his finger rubbing my ankle softly.

My eyes were open but I was already sleeping, reliving that thing that happened… what was that?

He wobbled his way to the door and messaged me when he got home: Made it home. Going to nap in the car, in garage till leg function returns. Thanks for food. I will be able to live on it while I wait.

The following day I was still having smaller orgasms as I went about my day. I leaned up against the counter and realized that felt fucking great. I did some yoga and that brought on three more orgasms. I seriously felt as though I ran a marathon but had more energy than ever – I felt as though I was glowing, it was disgusting.

PC text: woke up groggy. Dehydrated but still smiling.

That’s a good thing right? I mean, I just need to water and feed him before I use him next time and he should be fine. I hope. Maybe some ibuprofen before I begin…

So yeah, just, wow I mean if I could paint what I felt I would but the colour pallet lacks the spectrum it would take, so wow will just have to do but it needed to be said.



5 comments on “Yeah. Just, wow.

  1. That sounds crazy, I’ve had a crygasm, a gigglegasm, I squirt, I’ve even had aftershocks hours later, but never have I had an experience like that! What was that? Lol! Sounds amazing!

    • Pyx says:

      Oh see! I am so glad to hear this, yes I have had the crying thing, I squirt, and yes I have giggled… this was almost overstimulating. It was really strange… I’m hoping it isnt actually a medical condition? LMAO I called it a full body orgasm and so far this sounds aboot right. I mean even my hair hurt… I have no idea what that was, not sure it will ever happen again – not sure I want it too…

      It’s comforting to hear you have the aftershocks as well… see we should talk about orgasms more often!

      • Orgasms are the fruit of my labor so yes lets discuss. Can I say I worried a moment you had a panic attack or a stroke? It just sounded so intense! Shows what a good writer you are. But I bet you were right, it was a full body orgasm, which I have heard of before. I hope someone else comments to say they experienced it too!

    • Pyx says:

      HA! I am laughing so hard right now, I spit coffee all over the place.

      Thank you for umm being concerned, actually the idea of my having a medical issue only came to mind after your comment! running through the list of what I have experienced, reading what you had I thought ‘omg what if’ thats funny. I do not feel any numbness anywhere…

      I so do not want to google full body orgasms but I just might. Not that I think i am more special than anyone else, but i am always first fascinated with my own reactions to something – second I look at the other person. surely the who in this plays a part right? I mean, if it was purely mechanical ‘penis here against this spot here’ why havent I had it before?

      Panic attack… I had one once, without getting myself all worked up im trying to think of that was it? I might take some time on that one, good point! they must happen during sex, especially when we consider the circumstance of emotional involvement after all he is not my husband…

      smart. very smart filled!

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