Ruining the fantasy,

 how will you ever know

how beautiful you can become.



Your deconstruction,

is where I dwell.

It was never going to be the whip that hurt you.

5 comments on “

  1. Thought provoking for sure. Your eyes are mesmerizing.

    • Pyx says:

      thank you – creative writing, not my strong suit, (unlike you who is a great writer!) I tend to be more academic about things

      • Oh pshaw, me? I just get lucky with good inspiration and new words calling to me for use (heh just more inspiration). My heart jumps when you say that though, I look up to you so much for your academic mind, and enlightening experiences.

    • Pyx says:

      see thats what i like – maybe its just me but I can totally see you finding a word that inspires you and building around it! writing should be fun and inspiring, i dont force it, but pay attention to the desire when i can, and you certainly have a great use of words….

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