Sex in the News


Judy Viger, 33, is charged with five counts of endangering the welfare of a child after organizing and paying for strippers to surprise her son on his 16th birthday. Two women were hired to dance with, and on, the teens at a bowling alley and  reports suggest some of the boys were as young as 13.

I’m certain we can all agree, Judy seems to be lacking some sort of adult filter around young men, but certain she meant no harm, however it is illegal. I get that. I suppose if anything I am wondering why she chose the bowling alley to do this – but I would have an easier time trying to train my ferret to sit and shake a paw. We do not yet know if Judy is herself a stripper, and people seem to be keen on pointing out her age 33 and having a 16 year old as evidence she lacks maternal skills: I don’t think that is what it is at all; in fact I think it is something else.

When my brother, my only sibling two years my junior, turned 16 I got him a stripper. Up until that point I would say he had a very normal boyhood, I once found him and his friends trying to watch a dirty movie through the distortion lines of the tv cable provider – pay to watch channels never came through clear, nor were they a blank screen but you could hear everything and certainly hope to see what resembled a boobie.

I called a service and contemplated getting the midget stripper but instead chose to go with the girl who performed ‘the dance of the seven veils’ for my brother’s birthday gathering. Nothing fancy, it was in our home, he was having beers with my dad and his friends. I knew she had arrived, and I knew she had left, that was it … until my brother, pissed off, came back in the house yelling at me. I could not believe he was upset.

The dance of the seven veils is a woman that dances around, with seven veils as her costume; she seductively takes one off at a time, the last one being on her face. She danced for my brother, his friends, my father and his friends, and took her last veil off while seated on my brother’s lap – to reveal what is best described as ‘the worst rubber witch nose 99 cents could buy’

Did my brother honestly think this woman wasn’t a real stripper – she was naked?! Did he think because she was stripping that it meant she would fuck him or something? I never thought about the possibility that this good looking woman, rubber nose aside, could get his ‘attention’ in a room full of other guys. Maybe that was embarrassing? Where did his sense of humour go? I am his big sister there is a moral to the story now that he is becoming a young man and he didn’t get it!

I paid good money for her!!! What the fuck was he pissed off about?

I apologized to my brother for ‘humiliating’ him, I really did feel bad, I thought they would all get a good laugh out of it, it was supposed to be funny. At least I thought it was funny.  My girl brain could not compute as to why he was feeling thus, even my father said it was cruel, but neither of them able to explain beyond that. In his life from that moment on he will be able to frequent a stripper establishment whenever he likes, without any sort of shame or humiliation because he is a man. He will slip his hard earned cash between her butt cheeks and drink a warm overpriced beer, and god be dammed if he wants to see oiled titties he should be able to because he is a man. She will swing, twirl and shake her junk in his face for a dirty bill because she is a woman – and in the back of our heads we know that we won’t ever really go hungry, we always have our sex to sell for food because, we are women and he is a man.

My brother has lived a healthy life that on occasion has involved strippers, dare I say more than one at a time, but after reading this story I am wondering if he remembers the dance of the seven veils.

Unlike Judy  I never put a desire to be cool before my big sister duty of teaching him something while protecting him. I enjoy strip clubs, hell I have gone with him, but I have never asked myself if the lady who danced the seven veils by my credit card impacted him or the way he was with women in his future. I trusted I knew him and on this occasion I might have misjudged.

What?! It was funny… she had on a fake nose. Jeesh.

3 comments on “Sex in the News

  1. But you didn’t tell her to put the nose on? Was she trying to conceal her identity? I am confused by his embarrassment.

    But what a great sister you are.

    • Pyx says:

      That’s the thing, I was just paying for the service she provided – yes I knew she had a nose on under the last veil and she sold it to me just as she preformed it… like a pro. She was a stripper, she was pretty, had great tits, so I am not sure why the nose ruined it?

      Certainly this is something guys would do to each other right? In my family practical jokes are just a part of our larger sense of humour! It was better than going to the stag shop and getting him a blow up doll right?

      I think the girl did a great job, actually im thinking his and my fathers ’embarrassment’ sort of gives them away: just because she is getting naked for money, it has nothing to do with sex, she isnt going to blow a garage full of guys. jeesh… but a good lesson for me at a young age as well… whatever you do do not ruin the fantasy.

      I think im pretty kick ass big sister. No one complained when I beat the snot out of people screwing with him .. some people and their priorities. hehehe.

  2. The Hook says:

    At least you tried. You’re Aces in my book for that!

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