Poly what now?

Pyx Beer Collection Modified

Pyx Beer Collection Modified

Polyamory is when both the female and male in a relationship have intimate relationships with other people, marriage is not required, but everyone’s consent is – this is largely defined by the people in the relationship, as each example can be different than another.

Polyfidelity is a form of Polyamory where everyone involved agrees to only have sex and relationships with the people in their group. Group size and members are negotiable.

Polygamy or Polygyny is a marriage that involves more than one person, a male who has more than one wife and there are no marital or sexual bonds between wives. Importantly a matting system that involves one  man having sex with several women but a present marital element: he in essence marries them all.

Polyandry is a marriage that involves more than one person, a female who has more than one husband without marital bonds between males. More importantly is a mating system, regardless of marriage, that involves one woman having sex with several men.

I think all of these are very realistic social options for people – more on that later but I and other people writing on the internet tend to toss around the term POLY as though YOU the reader should understand which I mean.

I come across ads from couples who are seeking a sister wife, usually they are trying to find someone with a job, their own car, no debt, and no kids – but they want this girl to fuck them both. On some level it makes sense, you do not want to take on someone else’s troubles but to find a married couple that are free of these things themselves? The double standards are often the most laughable part of the delusional fantasy and if we are all going to be in love and build a life together why would people not want to actually help one another?

So when you see an ad for a sister wife but with a sexual element, they are in fact looking for something more along the lines of Polyfidelity, because it involves everyone having sex with only each other. The young woman in this fantasy who joins the couple would in a sense be committed to the group and discouraged from having sexual partners and relationships outside of the group. She would have sex with them both at the same time and with the male and the female separately.

I have not watched the show Sister wives, I dont need too ive known people first hand that come from communal ‘family’ upbringings,  but I have watched Big Love – and lord knows I appreciate the discourse but I discourage anyone from making such huge changes to their lives because something in a movie, porno or on TV looked cool unless you really can afford three separate houses, pay the bills, the cars and health care costs.

2 comments on “Poly what now?

  1. The Hook says:

    Very enlightening post, Pyx.
    Thank you.

  2. kdaddy23 says:

    Yep, it ain’t even as easy as it might appear to be…

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