Too Eager



There is such a thing, and like porn, we know it when we see it; especially when it comes to swinging or involving extra persons with sex. Unfortunately in my experience this can often come off as a kind of sexual desperation and is a huge turn off.

Certainly there are times when such things don’t matter; in a gangbang for instance eagerness could be a good thing, anonymous one night stands have their appeal but regardless of gender we just don’t want to throw ourselves under someone who is ‘up to fucking anything’ just because sex is something to do.

Truth be told, especially in sexual arenas, bisexuality, particularly in males, can be regarded with the same suspicion. The idea that a bisexual male is indiscriminate with his sexuality, because he is attracted to both sexes, translates into a willingness to fuck anything that moves. Of course this is offensive as this is not applied to the female bisexual but it is something that comes up especially when dealing with swingers. What is even more interesting are the numbers:  both men and woman (a straight couple) can feel this way about a bisexual male but I have rarely come into contact with this standard for female bisexuals, even if the wife of the couple is not bisexual herself.

Now I know couples feel that they put themselves out there and get little in return. The time they spend does not convert into a high percentage of activities which means that when someone willing comes along they might ‘pounce’ a bit more aggressively than they normally would. Sometimes it is just a grouping of words in a communication that can give one pause so it would be in your best interest to never say things like ‘it doesn’t matter, we just want to play’

If it doesn’t matter who you play with, as long as you get to fuck, then I would first begin to question just who the fuck it is you have gotten to fuck you in the past and of course why aren’t you busy this weekend? Certainly there are matched couples out there who ‘don’t really care’ either?  And for some couples getting to do this thing together can become more important than with the ‘whom’ they’re doing it with. As the wife and female with toes in the ‘swingers’ pool: it matters!

I try to give people the benefit of doubt, that maybe they just said something trying to sound cool or easy going and I took it the wrong way but if you are considering swinging, or currently are with little to no results, and trying to get laid I suggest playing close attention to how it is you say things because you don’t want to come off as too eager.

2 comments on “Too Eager

  1. The Hook says:

    You may be one of the mos tintelligent bloggers writing on WordPress these days, my lovely friend.
    Thank you.

  2. kdaddy23 says:

    Wow, do they really still say that about male bisexuals? That stupid stuff played out in the 80’s…

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