*chat discussion about my desire to watch PC fuck another woman while I watch*


PC:  maybe I am hoping for someone that even with the excitement of you watching isn’t less exciting than just filling you directly

pyx: another compliment?  Two in a row!?!

What do you want?

PC: lol that was a compliment?!?

shit men so dont understand women

pyx: now that is fucking funny!

Taking a compliment is difficult for some people and unlike some people I suffer from an overabundance of confidence, perhaps that is because I learned to accept compliments and give them but I am aware I could projecting. Maybe it is because I take some things to be complimentary when they aren’t – but who decides; the person giving it or receiving it?

PC is not the sort to say something just to say it, so when he does say something he means it and I am not the sort to always read something into what other people say. Certainly we can all recall times when we flirt and say things to people that we don’t mean to follow through with but instead enjoying the banter for what it is: fun. PC is flirty but I believe I can tell the difference and for some strange reason I see this as a compliment.

As a woman of the virtual age we can come off as jaded, being told you are ‘beautiful’ can make one’s eyes roll because we have heard that so many times before or assume every guy says that because he wants to get into our pants. I always say thank you.

As a woman of the world with sexual experience hearing ‘you have a beautiful mouth and are great at sucking cock’ is complimentary as well, and I usually follow that up with thank you but I don’t think deeply on such praises. It is not as though I consider them insincere, I am certain the person means it, but I suppose I appreciate the unexpectedly given ones.

I am keeping as a compliment, he will just have to deal!

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