I had to see a man about a chicken

Pyx has Chicks

Pyx has Chicks

I had a couple of entries to post but got distracted by chickens. I began to negotiate a purchase with someone, agreed on a number and price – only to find out his partner has sold the birds I wanted. Not a big deal at all, such is the nature of Craigslist, first come first served and the reality of modern technology: even the people selling their goods do not communicate with each other.

I am not sure why but this started me thinking about another CL’ism that is not what it appears: clean, DD free, STI clean and the like.

How to people come to claim they are free of sexually transmitted diseases?

Annual checks up do not test for Sexually Transmitted Diseases; you have to ask for the specific tests to be run. I know that some women might assume because they got an all clear from their annual checkup might believe they are disease free and the same goes for males – if and when they have their physicals. Partners that have been together or married might believe they are because their significant other isnt sleeping with anyone else.

It is of course in our best interest when selling ourselves to someone else that we say we are DD free, because we do not have any symptoms, the people we have been with have said they are and were tested and we certainly do not want to catch anything but does anyone ask how that person was tested? It isn’t sexy, but it is a good question and one I have frequently asked potential sex partners.

Certainly there will always be people that are misleading in order to get what they want, but I truly do not believe that for the most part people do it on purpose – they honestly believe because they went to the doctors and the doctor didn’t say anything that they are DD, STI free and clear.

Throughout my negotiations I made it very clear that we only want female birds, he answered that he had x many birds. I made certain to say ‘how many female x breed to do you have’ ‘how old are the pullets’. I knew that when he showed up, had I asked how he sexed his birds, I would have to take his word for it. I knew in my gut that I might just end up with 20 roosters because I certainly do not know how to sex a baby chick and no amount of googling was going to make me a pro, no matter how much information I read.

He never actually said that they were females but my brain was satisfied to believe it because I had used the words and he answered some of my question so they must be female, he did not say otherwise. I was excited about a particular breed, working with someone local and not to mention the good deal he was going to give me – all of which, in retrospect I over looked him actually saying the words ‘they are all female birds’.  There is no guarantee with anything, not even when it comes to sexing chicks, but I wonder how much risk we put aside just because someone says they are something they themselves might not even know because we want to believe we are too.

Yeah chickens and STD’s, that is just how my brain works.





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  1. Oh hello there, I see I have a couple new posts to read. Can’t wait. For now, business time:

    I nominated you for an award.

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