Pyx answers her mail: fetishes


Q: what are the fetishes you work with and the ones you won’t

A: well I have a very different definition of fetish than most people in a BDSM context, so for me to answer this question I will have to say the text book fetishes I have worked with vary from a desire to be eaten, castrated, to scolding someone masturbating while I am in a nun’s costume. These people were unable to achieve sexual gratification without their particular fetish – I worked with a person that required a spoon be used or present and I managed well because I have an appreciation for spoons.

Ah the human brain. You will meet people that have an invested interest in the whole picture and some that are into the things that make up a picture: example would be the guy that wanted to be eaten. Had I not spent time, hours, days and weeks talking with him, listening and asking questions, the average person would have overlooked his father was a butcher, he was a body builder, so meat and flesh were already fetish items for him at an early age. No I did not eat him, but I did host a party where he was the roasted pig, center table apple in mouth, and warm/hot foods were placed over his body (over the major organs) and we ‘ate’ with forks and knives off his flesh. This made him feel (physically and mentally) as though he was being eaten without breaking any laws.

In a BDSM context, or any other context, hell everyone can say they have a fetish as the excuse to justify their greed or simply taking part in something they enjoy. Sounds sexier to say I have a shoe fetish than it is to say I buy too many pairs of shoes to feel happy.  So if you have one or are working with someone that has, it’s important to find out if it is something required and therefore must be worked out specifically or if it is just something that they really like and gives you more wiggle room to play with.

There is a fine line with fetishes that border on the re-enactment of old traumas, I do not have any interest in this area but often referred people to others that did. As great as it is to call yourself a submissive, a master or dominant whatever, it is equally important (I believe) to know people that can work with people you would not. Though I am understanding to a point, academically, as to why some people have a strong desire to relive a particular sexual trauma, incest, molestation, rape, sexual assault, or the like I feel as though I am not qualified to work with such particulars: it does not feel right and I do not enjoy it. I find these areas, for myself, and others, risky and potential harmful. They are however present, more than you can realize and not just kink minded people – just because you are into BDSM or kinky shit doesn’t mean you are fetishist.

I tend to have more interest in working with A-sexuals and people with an unorthodox fetish because it requires that I think outside the box and allows me to rise to the occasion – I believe I am that good. Because I do not mix sexual intercourse with what I do (I do not fuck what I beat) it would seem natural I am comfortable in a facilitation role. Though fetishes are sexual in nature, some are clearly off limits to me: I do not believe everything labeled a fetish is a fetish.

So in short it depends on the fetish, I make up my mind as I talk with someone and often it is a clear NO right away but hard for me to make a list for you but I hope this sort of answered your question as to how I work.

2 comments on “Pyx answers her mail: fetishes

  1. I would love to know more about this, is this a profession for people? To indulge in fantasies? I had no idea but it really makes sense.

  2. Pyx says:

    When I say I work with someone on their fetishes it isnt for money. Any amount of time spent with someone, even just talking to them and giving them a number of someone that can help them, is for my part work. or i feel like it is work. being in a capitalist society where time has a certain value… I do it free because I care and it matters to me that people dont feel like freaks or they are somehow damaged or wrong. Also when I say work I mean taking part in – if I get dressed up as a nun, I am working at and with their fantasy.

    There are pro Dominatrix’s out there – men and women alike, hell I have even met professional submissive people: they are the ones that will let you tie them up, spank them, and whatnot – all for a fee of course.

    I am pretty confident that pro whores are also into some of the role play and fetish stuff, if that is there thing, so yes it can be a profession for people.

    I am not a pro, I work as a facilitator because I am good at it and I enjoy it. It is very sexual for me, to be a part of someone’s fantasy, though I do not have sex with them – I trained in Medical fetishes. Because I am not a pro I dont feel like I HAVE to do what people want, if that makes sense. I am kink and work well with other kink people, it is just something that has always been there for me and was fortunate I didnt feel I had to hide it or be ashamed. I excel with sexual issues/information and was a sexual counselor for several years so for me I am always going to have a foot in the kink world of things.

    Sexual fantasies and experiences are what define us, do not for a moment think that it isnt a growing industry and that every other girl/couple/guy with a cam isnt somehow getting paid to be a part of it – even if it is virtually. There are people that get off on some pretty sick shit, but for everyone one of them there are five that will pay to see it.

    hope that answered your question.. i dont mean to go on and on and on…

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