Pyx answers her mail: lube


Q: What are your top five recommended lubricants?

A: HA! I don’t think there should be a room in the house without a bottle of lube and unlike most people I use them often for other reasons than sexual. I believe having silicone and water based on hand… I worked for a friend that ran a few adult stores so I have had my time with trying things out but I recommend that everyone try different things, my body is not the same as yours.

If you are trying to get pregnant introducing a water based lube is a good idea, I know there are some out there labeled specifically for this purpose, but let’s be reasonable – they all do the same thing – y ou are just paying extra for the claim it helps.  For vegan friendly lubes I will admit I am a bit dry in this area, I have only tried some locally produced Flax Seed based lubes but they are not sold everywhere, you can try asking your local store for information or searching online.

Lubes can be warmed or cooled but I know some people think they just don’t need them – who said it only had to be used for intercourse? I sometimes get a bottle and have my husband rub it into my breasts because I get off on breast play. Adding a lubricant to masturbation or sex does make a difference: this just seems to wake things up and become sensitive when slick.

Moist makes a real fun Silicone body mist, throw down an old blanket over the nice bedding and mist each other away – its kinda nice having two wet bodies sliding over each other not to mention accidental slippage – but it’s nice to start off with a body massage sometimes.

  1. jo siliconeJo Silicone. A bit pricy but a little goes a long way. I use this lube for anal sex, it does not absorb into the body and is long lasting and safe to use in water and with condoms. Boob jobs and hand jobs are a wonderful use for this lube.  I use this lube after I am done shaving my bikini line or pussy, it is a great skin protectant and feels wonderful after a hot shower rubbed all over your body. Great on feet for anyone with a foot fetish or wants their feet feeling silky in sandals. A dab of this in the palm of your hand and rubbed into your hair makes it extra shiny. There are days I use this just on my hands. Word of caution, silicone does stain sheets and if you spill some you will slip: I didn’t know I could still do the splits!


  1. squidSliquid. Again a bit pricy and harder to find but actually very healthy and helpful lubricant that helps fight the transmission of HPV. Because HPV is easiest to transmit via inflamed skin, the natural Carrageenan is lubricating, Wakame is seaweed that contains vitamin B which helps the vaginal walls retain elasticity and has its own healing qualities.  It is water based, and I like using this after my monthly cycle as a personal lubricant – after using all those absorbent cotton products.


  1. jo waterH2O Jo. Water based and great for any and all occasions. I use this if and when there are toys involved, especially silicone toys (do not use silicone lube with silicone toys) and I find it easy to wash away. It doesn’t get sticky on me, I have only had 2 people say it has, so like most things try it out: most places provide sample pouches for a small fee, well worth it before spending a lot of money. This product line came about by gynecologist working on a lubricant for women who were going through the change, so it is made for women with women in mind. Another one I use after shaving or if I am feeling a bit dry after my cycle. I will use this for oral as there is no flavour and it doesn’t seem to sit on the skin.


  1. gun oilGun Oil. No not that gun! I tried this out and really liked the story behind it, it makes the guys giggle a bit when I bring out the bottle, but the United States Marine Corps actually got something right when they used this lubricant as an alternative for their guns. Silicone based lubes do not or should not get sticky and this one hasn’t for me. This is just my second go to brand in house after the Jo Silicone.


  1. falvJo Flavoured lube. I got this because I do suffer from an easy gag reflex (sometimes) and the flavour is distracting when I am trying my best to give head. I like that the flavours are subtle, not strong, and the Banana tastes like Juicy Fruit. I do not use them for sex, intercourse, because they do have some glycerin and I stay clear of putting scented things in my body. Out of all the ones I have ‘tasted’ I lean towards the Jo brand, again, because I find it less offensive to my taste buds and it is light – it dosnt stick around forever. It doesn’t get as tacky as some but then it is only for oral. I was able to sample the flavours before making my choice so this had a great impact on my purchasing power.

Not sure why they all show up as 1’s but hey, I dont mind.

2 comments on “Pyx answers her mail: lube

  1. Thank you so much Pyx, this is really informative! I never really thought of lube on my breasts but its getting me warm thinking about it. I don’t put oil or lotions on nearly enough.

    • Pyx says:

      yeah sometimes I do the whole – pull down top, add lube and rub boobs to get my mans attention… it works!

      the silicone stuff kicks butt! once you are done shaving, a dab in the palm of your hand, rub it warm and then rub into various body parts… armpits,legs, trim… its strangely silky and NOT like baby oil. Just let it absorb a few minutes before you put clothing on

      I got sunburned nipples once.. enough said.

      If you put it on your feet, dont go barefoot,seriously I did the splits and I dont want anyone else going through that – oh and if you use it in the shower (anal sex is the shower is kinda nice and clean) it can make the bottom slick too.

      The cool thing too is, the bottle looks like a bottle you would get anywhere – I used the silicone stuff on my nieces… one was a pro swimmer (red curly hair) so the shine was nice and my other niece was in karate and always had horrible cuticles….

      I do so adore lubes!
      Have fun, if you find other good uses do let me know

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