Female Brain Struggle

A year ago tomorrow was my first date with PC. No, not a date, I have to say when I first met him.






We saw the Avengers at the drive in and absolutely nothing sexual took place. I was so well behaved! I have to admit I wasn’t sure I would see him again, let alone have a sexual relationship with him,  not because there is anything wrong with him, it just took him forever to meet up with me and he had slipped into the ‘ chat friend’ category.






Since then however I have grown fond of him, and though he likes to tease me that I am ‘a dude with tits’ I do have a female mind – so marking the occasion seems appropriate but in keeping with my offensive and funny side I thought an Ecard would do just fine.






I of course have an aversion to anything that says LOVE or FOREVER, there are quite a few good ones but I was hoping for something a bit more unsettling – we do  have quite a few private jokes between us, just the wording was off or the picture. Why do the guys get to send the really good cards?!







I am leaning towards the Orgy one or back massage: ideas?

2 comments on “Female Brain Struggle

  1. I like the back massage and the orgy one too, but I laughed at the orgy one a tiny bit more. Happy first date-iversary!

    • Pyx says:

      HAHAHAHA date-iversary! I love it. I am going to use it if you dont mind. Yeah the orgy one is a bit more Pyx’esq

      maybe I will do a card with a coupon for a back rub.

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