Preyja til njota Ulf

The Pyx

The Pyx


Did you know that 33% of men have given their penis a name?

My husband’s member answers to Sir Edmund, though I did not name him myself, nor have I asked how he got the name, I think it is terribly Freudian. That cock definitely has some serious perverted mommy issues.

Together, PC and I, came up with Ulf – Ulf the Violator – for his.

I sometimes send Ulf text messages.

Sorry to admit they are in Old Norse, so PC has no fucking clue what they say.

I am certain Ulf the Violator does.

4 comments on “Preyja til njota Ulf

  1. You have such gorgeous eyes and amazing bone structure!

  2. kdaddy23 says:

    Hell, I’m impressed that you can write in Old Norse…

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