Canadian Eh in Amurka


mc: Man, sometimes I forget that underneath all the awesome you’re still a girl.

thepyx: Ha! I hear this more than I would like to admit.

mc: Well, you’re “Pyx, kink superstar” to most of us. [redacted] the girl gets kinda lost…I’m sorry I lost sight.

thepyx: dont be sorry, its true and why I like that my girl side does come through.

mc: Well, if you weren’t such a superfreakingstar…

mc: Eh.

thepyx: but if you think im any sort of superkinkstar im glad to disappoint you with girl’ness… i dont deserve such accolades.

mc: Sorry, forgot to translate into Canadian.

thepyx: thanks buddy guy, almost had to look that up in my ‘how to speak amurkan’ booklet i keep beside the computer eh

mc: No worries, hoser. What say we head down to the beer store and get a case of molson?

thepyx: and some bacon

mc: Oh, and some donuts!

thepyx: oh god doughnuts. I so miss Tim’s.  Square doughnuts just seem so wrong and they come in a box at the grocery store!

mc: I bought a pound of Tims coffee my boss from BC back when I gave a flying fuck about his opinion.

thepyx: I just spit out my coffee and that was nice of you

mc: Yeah… For a frostback, he’s kind of an ass

thepyx: we overcompensate for not being born here, we pick up local ass habits quickly to try and fit in.

4 comments on “Canadian Eh in Amurka

  1. The Hook says:

    I’ll never forget you’re a girl.

  2. Johnney Canuck says:

    Ha. Good to find a Canadian blogger on here. Loved this post. I laughed at the exchange between the two of you. Btw, Tim’s isn’t all that good and their doughnuts suck now that they stopped making them at the store. They bake them in a warehouse and ship them to the store for filling and topping.
    Anyway, going to explore your blog some more and signup to follow you.

    • Pyx says:

      Welcome! It is nice to find other Canadians.

      Bad move on Tim’s part – but that is what happens when Wendy’s Corp takes over.

      Make yourself at home and look forward to more back and forth!

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