Oh what new glorious hell is this?!


hedonAnd out of the blue hell smoke of dark desire cometh J. I have not had any contact with him in years; so many that I do not have an accurate number of them and there in my inbox is an email.

He is forged from fire and steel he is not someone that was born.

There is a very primal sensibility to him and ever present in the way he looks at you. Not that he looks at women as prey, as a hawk would to a rabbit but rather more like male wolf to female wolf: yes there will be a struggle but it will be one of equal force and I know exactly where I am going to bit the back of your neck.

He has got a muscular body, a back that cries out to be carved with finger nails, I mean down to the light (not too dark) tan that gives his skin a wild glow; It is perfect without any tattoos. As much as I like some tattoos there is something beautiful in a blank canvas and stands as a testament to his ever individuality by not going out and getting one. I am sure he works out but instead I envision him outdoors without a shirt chopping wood with an axe. Even his sweat is sexual.

Why oh why is he writing me now. I live in the US now and he is within reach.

“ Magikal Alien, you might not remember me” he says.

As if my cunt would forget.

I am not at ease when men or admirers from the past re-appear. I always ask what it is they want but I have to say the timing on this memory was pleasurable and that is exactly where some men should remain; a memory.

3 comments on “Oh what new glorious hell is this?!

  1. The Hook says:

    “As if my cunt would forget.”

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