Deep thoughts by Pyx Poly

for hire

This man is for hire.

I think his particular fantasy for sale is to women who just don’t do enough laundry

or aren’t spending enough time fulfilling themselves by cleaning up after their own kids.

Perhaps a fantasy of reliving that regretful college dorm experience.

Women who want to take a risk because there is a good chance something in that room, other than him, will bite.

Ah the adventure of trying to find  your way out

Or like an Indiana Jone’s film you have to make your way through a dangerous maze to the bed

hopping and dogging falling TV’s, computers and lawn chairs.




2 comments on “Deep thoughts by Pyx Poly

    • Pyx says:

      The picture was just too good to pass up – and if I do say so myself, all too common these days, I mean dude come on; at least take the cock shot in the shower or something.

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