Pyx answers her mail: Fifty Shades of Grey


Q: Pyx, will you be going to see this movie?

A: You are fucking kidding me right? Hells fucking no! No! No! NO!

I have a bad knee jerk reaction to such literature and movies. The Secretary for one, oh certainly I can appreciate it on a female sexual stimulating level but I despise that it is always an ubber rich successful man that shows a woman the fulfillment and light of her sexuality: in her submission to him. He is always the dominant mystery man while she is nothing more than a self-loathing wreck. She is a shopaholic living outside her income and means but here is a rich knight in shining credit card armour to her rescue: yeah right.

Gag me with a dick.

I call it the pretty woman syndrome: if you are going to be a whore, be a whore, live it, love it and be proud, don’t do it because you truly believe that one day a man will come and change it all and life will better.

Arg I hate this crap!

I think it is great people are reading books; adult lit is gaining in popularity and I believe we should find inspiration where we can but my issue is not with content but the prescription. It is all too common in books and movies that we see a woman defined by a man and how he sees her. I know it would be less popular had we sit through a movie where a submissive woman was already aware she was, confident in her role and ability to please the right man but no… he creates her. The way he wants her. Screw her needs or abilities.

You are talking to someone that yells at the TV when she is confronted with full female nudity and denied the same from the male form. Oh they are just tits and bush… really?! I happen to be owner of such things and have never felt they were just something that should be out there; I wear a bra and shirts. I hate shows that portray women as manipulative, insecure creatures when it comes to sex: because it sells better than a woman just going out and fucking what she wants.

When it comes to a BDSM context I am especially hateful: not all submissive women are broken, not all of them are mental cases, not all of them hate themselves, not all of them need to be rescued.

I think at the heart of the issue, for me, is that it appears women continue to use sex, sexual role, in order to get love and men use love to get sex. I am a bit if a cynic, I will admit that, but when I see a movie released that reflects the reality of losers most women have to deal with I will watch it:

Some guy who watched a movie or porno and decided he was a master and ordered a whip online … end up whipping himself in the face.

Or the one ‘dom’ that showed up to a private house affair in jogging pants and flip flops… with a stinky toy bag.

The fat hairy back balding Top that wants only a size 2 woman …

The dominant male that demands respect and servitude but can’t even manage anything beyond tying her up and fucking her, leaving her rather unsatisfied because ‘I am after all the Master’

Second degree burns because the asshat used a REAL CANDLE to drip wax on her pussy…

After a month of play he is out of tricks and has an inability to learn beyond his little world, and the relationship is as missionary as they come…

Or my personal favourite; the dominant male who is not even in control of his own life or vises but thinks he is by right and virtue of ballsack to be in charge of another human being: a woman!

Yeah. Not a fan at all.

2 comments on “Pyx answers her mail: Fifty Shades of Grey

  1. Z says:

    I so hear you. I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked whether I’ve read 50 Shades or whether I’ll see the movie, and how many times I’ve screamed (or felt like screaming) NO and I NEVER WILL! I don’t read/watch crap. ugh.

    • Pyx says:

      It is sort of funny isnt it, I mean people assume because it is kink we will be sportive and on some level I guess I could but I personally have more negative things to say about the influence of modern media on kink than I do good!

      I have a very hard time reading any fiction, but that is because I spent most of time studying – I can’t always seem to shot off – but I guess for some people they really do like the bodice rippers… I dont always get it but if it gets them reading a book, I can’t much complain.

      I might, might, take a drive by to see what sort is going in to the theater to see this movie – I wonder if as a first date this would score major points for a guy? or if the theater will have some single men there taking advantage of it all but my gut says it is going to be throngs of women, hand in hand in groups.

      You will have to give me a full review of the film!

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