I would have it no other way

the pyx 2010

the pyx 2010

Friday evening PC arrived and casually let himself in to the house. I stopped myself from getting up and greeting him with a kiss at the door and when I think of it now I am not too sure why but I do enjoy the fact he is that comfortable in my home and with me.

He sat himself down on the couch beside me and we realized our communication had gotten crossed; I thought he was picking up dinner and he was hoping for a home cooked meal. I didn’t mind, though our time is limited I prefer we have a good visit vs just a straight route to the bedroom. He brought me copies of a couple of TV shows to watch so I set him up comfortably with a beer on the couch as I made him dinner. We talked as I cooked, walking back and forth from the kitchen to the living area to peek in on the TV show and within the hour we sat down to eat. I always have fruit on hand and serve up a bowl of fresh strawberries to pick at throughout the evening. His legs were a bit sore from work and I gladly massaged them a little and he joked “so you cook and give massages?”

Our contact is easy, his hand will lightly brush at my bare leg or his fingers would touch at mine and just hold my hand in his. He was saying something, I could see his mouth moving, his fingers now petting my inner thigh but I honestly didn’t hear a word of it. “I am so sorry, you were saying something but I am thinking of something else entirely” I said as I sat myself up. “Oh thanks. And what are you thinking?” he smiled back at me. I leaned in and kissed his neck and allowed my tongue to lightly lick at his ear lobe and I whispered “just how much I wanted to kiss you there” and went back to kissing him under his chin. He lets out the most intoxicating sigh of pleasure coupled with a subtle throaty growl when I do that and try as I might to take my time I am unable to hold off from running my hand over the material of his shorts and finding his cock hard in my hand. Even now it makes me smile.

I turned the television off and grabbed him by the hand and lead him to the bed and this is where my cool casual resolve disappears. We start kissing and removing clothing… I put him down on the bed first. He was laying there naked, his impressive cock in hand lightly stroking it – he does that to tease me – and I try to balance my desire to watch him and taste him. I kissed the head of his cock and as he stroked himself upward I let my tongue lick its way down his shaft. He cock is impressive enough that it deserves its own entry but he has a special spot that enjoy toying with and it always has him gasping for air “no don’t stop, keeping stroking your cock please” as I wanted to continue alternating between the sight and the feel of his cock in my mouth.

He pulled me up from his cock to sit on top of him, rubbing myself over his hard on. He took both of my tits in his hands and began to lick, pinch and suck my nipples close to a delightful orgasm. “I don’t remember any of this involving underpants” I said as I tore them from my body and took my place above his cock once again. “I thought it was all a part of the teasing” he said, and I felt frustration with myself that, at that moment, I had not enough fortitude to hold off. Instead I sat up enjoying that moment where his cock is pressed hard against me and I think of all the different ways and intensity I could have him enter me and chose to lower myself down on his cock, slowly, as I kissed him with purpose. “And just for the record I think of this moment often” I moaned softly.

His hands then found their way to my hips and he pulled me down the rest of the way holding me still and close to his body. Try as I might to not move my hips against him, he went back to my breasts which seem to be like a tap and direct the flood of wetness between my legs, I was now just a couple of movements away from my first orgasm. “Oh fuck it, I’m sorry I just can’t not fuck this cock” and I fuck myself through the first orgasm.

A handful of orgasms later I said something to the effect that I was not sure “just how it is you do that” and he devilishly smiled at me saying “when you watch me fuck someone else maybe you will see it for yourself” and the fantasy of being a voyeur to that struck me like a fever and I could myself blushing from head to toe. “And then when I am done with her it will be your turn” he said matter of fact and timed it with a deep hard thrust… I was speechless. He turned me over onto my belly “yes that is where I was” he said as he began to fuck me harder. I let out a sound of bliss and said “now this just makes me remember how it was having your cock buried deep in my ass” and felt his cock go from hard to rock hard and I closed my eyes knowing I was close to my new second favourite thing: him coming inside me. He did and as I felt that wonderfully strange sensation of being filled with warm cum I came again. He continued to fuck me through another orgasm, the feeling of hot semen escaping my body while he was still in there and my mind coming to terms with how positively ‘dirty’ the whole thing is – I came again.

He is terribly polite and we sat naked on the bed talking for another hour or so, exchanging kisses and just lightly keeping our bodies in contact with one another. I am taken with the feeling of sitting there wet and filled, his cum and my own fluids slipping over my clit and down my thighs. I no longer rush to clean myself off and instead chose to let my body enjoy itself. We said our goodbyes and I was pleasantly satisfied. After he was gone I let myself sink into the couch and let my mind come down from all the stimulation. I like that I still smell like him, after he is gone, his cologne in my clothing, hair and on my skin. I do not deny myself the pleasure of touching my just fucked pussy and slipping a finger through the mess: okay I will admit that I often bring myself to another private orgasm playing in the goo.

I must have fallen asleep, fingers still tucked down inside my panties and a smile on my face, because the alarm clock woke me up and I realized my husband was on his way home and I had not yet showered…

2 comments on “I would have it no other way

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    In a word, wow…

  2. G says:

    So hot! I need! !

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