I would not have it any other way; redux

the pyx 2010

the pyx 2010

I was tired having only had three hours of sleep and still felt a bit altered from sex as I tend to float blissfully through the next day or two after being with PC. The truth is I was still having small orgasms; the very obvious after effects from a night of good fucking. My nipples were tender and erect having had so much attention just hours ago. My hips were loose and my pussy was still coming down from that ‘just been fucked and filled’ feeling.  I moved with awareness that doing so was fanning a whole different set of sexual sensations: very wet underpants stick to the body and are no longer absorbent. I was still slick from his cum and that was keeping me in a state of perpetual wetness (vicious cycle of being wet keeps me excited and producing more wetness) and I still smelt of sex. I still smelled like PC.

Fuck. I did not make the bed.

I made the executive decision to make myself presentable – wash up, dress and go about the morning business as usual and shower once I put my husband to bed. After a night shift it is rare that he is up for fucking first thing when he gets home and he knows I just spent the night with PC but that is no excuse to be tacky or disrespectful.

I made the bed, got dressed, made coffee and breakfast and greeted my husband with our usual morning routine and we talked; this usually takes less than an hour. I decided that I was going to go back to bed and sleep for a couple more hours instead of staying up and fighting the need for rest. My huge bed is so inviting, the room is dark and I slid myself right under the sheets and closed my eyes before my head even hit the pillow.

My husband cuddled up behind me and our bodies started to warm up side by side. I began to scold myself for not showering and then I began to pray that my washing up had removed enough of PC’s cologne to go undetected and not offend my husband. With my eyes still closed the whole idea was bothering me enough that I removed the blankets and put my feet on the floor to get up from the bed to shower when my husband stopped me by wrapping his arm around my waist.

My eyes shot open like I had been hit my lightning again. I think the whites of my eyes actually lit up the room some. He pulled me back down onto the bed and kissed my shoulders, his hands were now finding their way under my shirt and I was stiff with fear. This is all new to me, there has never been a moment in my life that I have fucked two men within x hours of each other and not had one (usually both) without a condom. Like a mega computer my brain began to sift through information as to how to handle this situation and possible outcomes but my body was in animal mode: stay very still and maybe it will move on and not eat me.

His fingers pinched at my nipples and I bit the bottom of my lip as my pussy let go of a spasm to his touch – the man touches me and this happens but my brain had not yet decided how to handle all of this. His pinching was making me even more wet, if that was possible, but that was allowing all the previous wetness to … oh god. There is still another man’s cum in my pussy, my panties and over my inner thighs.

What happened next is truly something out of a Pyx’esque horror flick (not only am I a bit of a germaphobe but up till my husband and PC semen was not something I swam in) and I had to now close my eyes to protect myself from what was about to happen. My brain was cruel and everything was in slow motion; my husband’s hand passed under the waist band of my very dirty boy cut panties and slid down my ass cheek right into my wet crotch from behind… he slid his fingers through not only my wetness but PC’s cum and inserted his finger and began to fuck me with his finger. My brain screamed ‘he is finger fucking you with another man’s semen!!!!’

oh fuck fuck fuckity fuckfuck fucccccccccccccccccccck.

Jesus Murphy and Mother of Fucking God Pyx say something, stop it… stop it… he pushed in another finger… oh holy Krishna.

My brain, instead of coming to a logical conclusion, decided instead to torture me and shut down to let slip the dirty dogs of seminal war: oh yeah, you are fucked sweetheart and you are going to be fucked again by this guy and he is going to cum inside you too. He is going to fuck you with the cum PC left inside you. You dirty dirty girl. And you will be filled with all that fluid and all those sperm swimming around in there from two different guys fighting – nasty.

My husband pulled down my underpants and I swear by all that anyone finds holy in this world I held in my breath because I did not want to smell that smell of excitement, the previous sex, and PC. I rolled myself over onto my back and was about to say something, my hand on his chest but he kissed me. His hand forced my legs open and he put his two fingers back inside me, his thumb pressing down on my clit, and there was nothing I could do but cum.

I did not feel shame, instead I just let myself enjoy my own discomfort and be turned on by it – he knows I was with PC, he knows I do not use protection with PC and he very well might be enjoying this. Without so much as a word he put himself between my legs and again my logical brain was trying to come up with the correct protest but it was all to no avail; his hard cock was now pressed against the very opening that just hours ago PC was pushing his way through.

If I liken PC’s cock to Ulf the Violator, a noble and mighty warrior that plunders me to ruin my husband’s cock is Odin, the highest order of Norse Gods where others only dream of having a chair at his table. This does not make my pussy Valhalla but I assure you the dirty euphoria I was feeling is as close as I could get divinity here on earth. I am amazed at how much I enjoyed it!

My husband’s cock was made for me, it has to have been, it seems to fit perfectly and hits all the right places and he pushed his way through my cum and PC’s cum and stopped in a spot that brought me to an instant orgasm. No longer was I concerned with what he would think or feel had I excused myself to shower but instead it was now obvious he was enjoying fucking me after someone else.

He didn’t say a word, nor did he need to, he fucked me differently than he has before – it was as if his whole body, especially his cock, was letting all others know that though they are welcome this is clearly his territory. My body was in agreement. His cock reached a spot that brought on a rush of heat throughout my whole body and he pushed into me harder and came. For the second time in a matter of hours I was once again feeling that sensation of warmth filling me up, he made sure to keep fucking me as my orgasm gripped his cock firmly milking him for every last drop.

Dirty dirty girl. Not just sexually dirty but actually dirty at times I could distinct between me and my husband’s scent and my scent with PC and then at times all three of us were a different sort of scent now burned in my memory. That first hot clean shower back from the desert is, always in my mind, the ultimate luxury but now it is accompanied by this event.

The following night my husband fucked me again and this time it was very much just us two, and in itself rare, confirming my thoughts that the morning after PC sex was territorial. He has every right to mark his territory as it were but for me this was by far the most cum filled weekend I have had in ages: I did not do it out of anger or disrespect toward my husband. Strangely it was a great turn on and equally I am again impressed with my husband’s abilities to involve himself and fulfill his own fantasies.

It makes me want them both even more.

2 comments on “I would not have it any other way; redux

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    In the early days of my open marriage, I found it rather exciting to take my wife after she’d been with another guy; most guys would rather eat shit and die before getting sloppy seconds – even if it really ain’t sloppy. I know there’s something that rubs men the wrong way in this… but this is the first time I’ve ever heard of a woman having ‘issues’ with it.

    You’re just amazing; your men are damned lucky to have you, Pyx…

  2. G says:

    Lovely post, really sexy and thought provoking!

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