Zombies and Love

D: I need you to stand right here and don’t move.

Pyx: Oooh I haven’t seen the industrial roll of saran wrap for some time.

D: it’s not what you think.

Pyx: oh. Bummer.

Clearly not the first time he has wrapped me in plastic but he was strangely serious about this particular endeavor. After several hours of saran, duct tape, and some close call with scissors as he trimmed things perfectly, I was free – and he vanished.

He would come out of the dark to eat and more often than not declare that we needed to make a run to the hardware store.

Pyx: What are you doing in there?

D: you will see. It is going to be freaking awesome. I need more epoxy.

After a week of hardly seeing him and no sex because every waking hour was spent on his project he declared it was time for the grand unveiling.

D: Happy Valentine’s Day! So what do you think?

Pyx: You aren’t expecting a threesome are you?

It was a life size bust of me, my bust!

D: Don’t be silly. It’s Zombie armour.

I looked at my little husband and for a moment thought he had truly lost his mind but soon my heart melted with the fact that he had spent a whole week making this for me and we are a strange romantic sort around here – it was perfect. The first thing he ever made me was a crossbow and this all seemed to fit in nicely with our theme of affection for each other. I never did like diamonds.

Pyx Zombie armour

Pyx Zombie armour





2 comments on “Zombies and Love

  1. G says:

    This melts my heart, what a sweetie!

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