Because she asked so nicely

sensual-blogging-awardThe lovely and talented Lady G has once again been so kind as to tap me for an award: A Sensual Blogger Award.

Her entry is filled with some great bloggers and links. If you are so inclined please do take a peak; I find it is often how I stumble upon new blogs to read.

There are of course rules, some of which I must break but this time my defense is not my iconoclasm but instead the fact that she has already pretty much traveled about the land and nominated everyone to her royal court; most of them are blogs that I read and they too are well rewarded. I will however complete the questions.


Questions for my Sensual 7 bloggers:

1.What would be the best date to get you in a sensual mood?

If my date were a gentleman, polite, flirtatious but not in a grabby way, confident and had a desirous look in his eye when he looked at me, attentive in a way that i felt like the only woman in the world and managed to exude his qualities in a non arrogant manner – took me somewhere he would enjoy himself but sincerely thought I would too, my date could take me to the rodeo and still have me feeling sensual. My first date with my husband was a tractor pull at the local county fair, I had never been to one before, young pretty redneck girls spitting and all, a tornado siren played off in the distance; I still managed to feel sensual, safe and impressed.

2.What is your cocktail of choice, if you do drink? Does drinking put you in a sensual mood?

My cocktail of choice depends on the weather and where I am in the world but wine seems to put me in an acceptable affectionate state of being where I do not mind being touched or touching others. Generally drinking does not put me in a sensual mood, I could drink a sailor under the table, and having a long history of late night in bars I tend to dance through it’s altering effects so drinking is very social with the caveat that I never wanted to do something I could regret in the morning: so I stay clear of fucking while drunk. I am also First Nations (Native American) and certain alcohols affect me differently: I can drink Vodka and feel nothing but one glass of good Bourbon and I am numb from the teeth down.  Summer in Indiana: Gin and Tonic, 3 pieces of ice, without lime. Fall and winter in Indiana: coffee with Bailey’s Irish cream or a home made hot toddy.

3. Have you ever danced so closely with a stranger that you sensed them being turned on?

Yes. I also believe this is why they play two or three slow songs in a row, to give the man a chance to come down from his excitement without embarrassment. In fact I can say I have danced not so closely on a dance floor and still managed to tell a particular someone was turned one – it was the way he used to look at me and come in close to talk to me afterwards.

4. Would you have sex with a person you met four hours ago?


5. Would you have sex with a person over ten years younger or older than you?

If I just met him four hours ago it would not enter my mind to matter. I tend to go with older because that has been the bulk of my experience but have not yet dipped into the world of ten years younger. I have a fear of breaking someone younger than me, in that women of a particular age do not fuck around whilst fucking and take it very seriously – we can be impatient and expectations high –  I would hate to leave someone feeling like a puppy with clumsy feet with a pat on the head ‘good boy’ if his attempt had failed.

6. Could you have sex with a person that you never see (think: blindfolded and a trusted partner set up a rendezvous with someone  yet you will never know if that is true, you have to just trust.)

Yes, though I do not like having my eyes covered.  I could if my husband or PC set it up, given that I have a good relationship with them both and trust them with my life. My husband already has experience with this – he being the one invited over – and I think on some level the whole Adult Theatre/Adult Bookstore sort of plays in to this as well: chances are I am busy doing something with my husband I have no idea who is joining us but trust my husband to keep an eye out for particular things (condoms). My husband and I talked about it but I get the impression that is a lot of responsibility and risk for any man to take… it is a hot fantasy though isn’t it!

7. Would your spouse ever accept an indecent proposal?

Oh fucking hell yes he would! but I knew that marrying him.

BONUS:  Flex your creative muscles by creating a sensual paragraph using something that is red, something that is whipped, and the character has to be surprised by something.

‘I have something special for you’ she whispered in his ear. His eyebrows jumped at the feeling of her breath on his neck let alone at the promise of a surprise. She left him sitting on the bed with a devilish smile and returned some time later wearing a French maid’s costume, black high heels and in her usual manner she left out to detail; down to her Cuban hose. She had something behind her back which she kept cleverly hidden, her breasts pushed up and forward, while taking her place on his lap. She sat herself down lightly and wiggled her bottom against his crotch and smiled. She touched the tip of his nose with hers and then licked at the bottom of his lip ‘I really want you to enjoy this’ and she could feel his cock getting stiff. Slowly from behind her back she brought forth a plate with homemade strawberry short cake ‘I whipped the cream myself and chose only the best red strawberries from my garden. Just for you’

He was surprised to say the least.

2 comments on “Because she asked so nicely

  1. G says:

    Yes! Oh my, you are good! I love your answers, love them! It is fun to make up questions and have amazing and interesting people like you answer them. I had no idea that different alcohols could produce different affects, I just thought 100 proof is 100 proof. That makes a ton of sense though (thinking back to friends, I have so little Cherokee in me it doesn’t count). I had to save this post to give myself a little dessert, something to end a good day with a bang, so glad I did. Thank you!

  2. The Hook says:

    Great answers, Pyx!
    Both you and G are two of my personal faves and your skills are second-to-none!

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