Pyx answers her mail: why sex?


Q: Why or how did you choose sex as your blog topic of choice?

A: Good question! My husband once told me ‘a woman can write a blog about sex, show her tits, and easily get a thousand viewers’ my husband is wrong. I think anyone could write about sex but to keep it up year after year and have people remain interested? Not so easy. I think like sex there are ebbs and flows in blogging about sex.

I compartmentalize the people in my life and I do the same with what I write.

I choose to keep the topic here about sex and my other blogs separate: I have a lovely homestead, make my own bread, soap, creams, vermicomposting, gardening, and sewing … you think someone coming here for a recipe wants to read about Adult Bookstores? Though I am political and an aspect of that includes sex, I keep it separate from my non sexual political opinions and academics because again I do not think someone that comes to read something I wrote in defense of Cuba really has to sift through my desire for cock.

I am a sexually active woman that is sane and loves herself. I enjoy sex. I enjoy talking about all aspects of adult sexuality with other people of colour, religion and cultures. Naturally I have an invested interest that sex be talked about, without anger, slander, and without regret. I am a big supporter of healthy sexuality and all that entails and given that I live a particular way I do believe in presenting the benefits and risks involved in some of my relationships.

I do not believe in throwing out titles and degrees when simply writing about my experiences with other human beings so I do not write about my job, careers unless they are mentioned casually as a footnote. Certainly some of my entries here are not sexual and that is because I do try to expose myself, limited as it is, as a human being of greater quality: I am not all about sex all the time. However I am incapable of certain things and try to confront my own inabilities through writing: I cannot write fantasy, I cannot write erotica and I suck ass being the mother hen of safe sex but you know what – that is just a small part of who I am. I like to be challenged and writing, or rather trying to write, has always been something I make myself do: English is not my first language.

I choose to write about sex 18 years ago, though there are a million other blogs out there about sex, because if a child of mine were to venture out into the virtual world to seek out information I would hope they would consider a blog like this: sex is fun, I like to have fun but it is also about responsibility, love and respect. This blog is not just about tits and I think I present a nice balance – you can still be a smart lady and fuck. Anyhow I hope that is what comes through.

One comment on “Pyx answers her mail: why sex?

  1. The Hook says:

    There’s only one Pyx, you’re golden as far as I’m concerned!

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